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Sorry if this has been answered, but how do you deal with Bleeds and Corrupting blood? I can't seem to find how you deal with it.
unforgiven221 wrote:
Sorry if this has been answered, but how do you deal with Bleeds and Corrupting blood? I can't seem to find how you deal with it.

Just use a life flask that has anti-bleed. The blood of the karui is listed there because I was playing with Overleech a bit before. Either that or just try to get one rare jewel with immunity to corrupting blood. The regular bleed wont do much since you usually wear armor gear.
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Currently at ~T10 maps and this build is doing quite nicely, thank you for the guide :) Here's my gear setup.

(I also have a jewel w/mana leech on the tree to sustain cyclone). I went for Brutal Fervour over Overwhelm, as I've been instantly deleting bosses no problem up to this point and felt I could use the little extra survivability. I may respec over at T16/endgame, but we will see.

I think my next purchase will be Transcendent Flesh, as its the next cheapest upgrade (the others being Ryslatha's Coil, a Belly 6-link, and a watcher's Eye with Pride affixes).

Would love to hear any feedback/recommendations too if you have any! Thanks again :)
Hey guys, can someone help me, please?
I can't close 19th and 20th waves in Simulacrum because of strong mobs (too much hp and dps).
If you're good cyclone player, please, check my character and give some advice about what to buy to close Simulacrum perfectly (I have about 20ex. to upgrade my character). Friend told me buy body with Explosion (said it good choice for simul), but when I unwear Belly Of The Beast I losing about 800hp.

What can I buy (in cheap range to ~10-20e) to prevent dies from 19-20 simul waves and upgrade build? I'm really newbie there. Appreciating every advice.

Hey, is there a PoB for cluster option ?
I'm back with more (noob) questions.

Is there anything specific to look for on Atziri's Acuity? They're described as a thing for rich people but the cost isn't that high compared to a Starforge or a 6L Belly. That's probably a simple as the economy being different now but considering I once bought the wrong type of Impresence I'd prefer to be sure.

How do you deal with bleed? That has been my main cause of death until I started using a flask but looking at the gear linked you're not using one.
Edit: Ah that one was answered few posts above. And I got the Atziri, everything is looking good so far.
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Hi mate, just had an awakened Brutality gem drop which is at the moment 5.5ex. While I know I can use it on my build I'm thinking of selling to buy some gear. Once I get my gear I'll change ascendancy to match yours, would you say to get Atziri's Acuity and the Ryslatha's Coil with the money or what would you say to upgrade first which will give me the biggest boost? (I know my rings need work they are just stop gaps)

I can do T14/15 red/corrupted maps but I'd like to not die as much as depending on mods I get instagibbed.


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is it normal?
hey was wondering if any1 knows how to craft a biig dps 2h sword with harvest and shit now? if yes if there was any way you could like give me tips or something? kinda new to crafting
New item, viridian jewel what its mean?

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