Patch 3.2.2b Notes

Rework Zana quest please and remove all bestiary limits!
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svarions23 wrote:
First new unique poedb found was Chains of command (which I already posted about);
there's the other new unique:

*from poedb*
Leather Belt

+(60–80) to maximum Life
Culling against enemy cursed with Poacher's Mark
Curse Enemies with Level 30 Poacher's Mark on Hit, which can apply to Hexproof Enemies
Take (100–200) Physical Damage when you use a Movement Skill
You have no Armour or Energy Shield

Can't realy see much use for it though :/

It is a bit counterproductive... poachers mark is a good curse for weapon based builds. The physical damage can be mitigated so it is not really high. But it force you to focus on evasion, and then you normally also need a lot of dex and so you have a lot of accuracy and the poachers mark becomes a not so usefull curse anymore... the only thing i guess is usefull is blade flurry because it hits quit often...
dostov wrote:
"Added 3D Art for the Bestiary Farrul's Armour set."

So a MTX for Shield Tosser came out recently and now this. So has GGG just given up on older unique items getting 3D art and older Skills getting any MTX at all, ever?

I mean I just do not understand GGG's priorities, if they posted somewhere explaining this please point me in the direction.

Good thing a certain youtuber made a viable SST build video a week before the MTX came

Seems like someone wants you to convince yourself that SST is a good skill and that there's a reason to keep playing Bestiary league...
Dex8172 wrote:
Can we please get an option to delete beasts from Menagerie? It would make Bestiary page much more useful, not being cluttered with junk. Some categories still contain those "new" beast I captured during leveling (whites/blues), and some are actually full with useful crafting beasts.

I asked about this a month ago on reddit, and every new patch I'm disappointed it's still not implemented.

Also, when inspecting Menagerie you can't see how many beast it can hold. If you ever implement the option of releasing beasts from Menagerie, please add that information to every cage. It's stupid to have to open Bestiary page just to check the limit of a particular genus.

There are so many inconsistancies between Bestiary page and Menagerie. For example, Octopuses are called "Parasitic Cephalopods" in Menagerie, and Lurchers are called "Cave Crabs". Those are very important beasts for crafting but you can store just 9 and 10 of them, respectively. Spiders ("Giant Arachnids" in Menagerie), on the other hand, have many different species and you can store 56 of them, but are rarely used for anything. I know you rushed Bestiary league release, but you could have fixed most of this issues after more than a month of this league.

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