Patch 3.2.2b Notes

And here i am still trying to get my t15 Elder again for the last fragmen (21 tries atm).
Feels soo good to be locked out of endgame content by a huge rng wall *obvious sarcasm*
dostov wrote:
"Added 3D Art for the Bestiary Farrul's Armour set."So has GGG just given up on older unique items getting 3D art and older Skills getting any MTX at all, ever?

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Can we please get an option to delete beasts from Menagerie? It would make Bestiary page much more useful, not being cluttered with junk. Some categories still contain those "new" beast I captured during leveling (whites/blues), and some are actually full with useful crafting beasts.

I asked about this a month ago on reddit, and every new patch I'm disappointed it's still not implemented.
Pls fix the completely random T15 Elder Guardian Spawn / Elder spawn. Hanging 2 Weeks on t12 Shapers Memory Fragment. Sucks hard after maybe 15-20 trys.
ZaM wrote:
Pag on

Edit: zzz that wand looks boring. 1.3 aps with flat ele? No one's going to use it :/

Added a warning message when capturing a Beast if your Menagerie has reached maximum capacity for that Beast type.

Cmon guys, could you not have the extras be added as a bestiary orb in the inventory instead?

Or at least give us the choice to pick which beast to discard...

First new unique poedb found was Chains of command (which I already posted about);
there's the other new unique:

*from poedb*
Leather Belt

+(60–80) to maximum Life
Culling against enemy cursed with Poacher's Mark
Curse Enemies with Level 30 Poacher's Mark on Hit, which can apply to Hexproof Enemies
Take (100–200) Physical Damage when you use a Movement Skill
You have no Armour or Energy Shield

Can't realy see much use for it though :/
Quick question, what happened to:


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