Skill Revamps - Part 1

I personally think those "on kill" skill need to revamp...(played 100+ hour with summoning phantasm on kill)
so is this for real? or a repeat of that whole 5% thing?
Still failing to solve "The Riddle of Melee" 4.0 HYPE!!!
THE EAGLES!!! (bleeds out from a wound to the gut because his armor and evasion both failed...again)
the eagles...are...coming...(coughs)...the eagles...
You can't forget FLAME TOTEM that was in past a very nice skill and build and now, is one of the worst!
about damn time
Don't care about buffs only about nerfs.. Right now you are just playing with handicap if you play anything other than RF. I just killed Uber Elder while AFK with LLRF+ManaGuardian.
Curious that nobody suggest to remove the 1st part of Ice Spear.
I'm new to POE after year on concurrent games (D2, D3, Sacred 2,...). And in my new to the game eyes, I'm amazed at Ice Spear design.

How are dev expected to see it work like this ?
Frost have already skill that can pierce. It also have a skill that explode on impact. It can be ok to have a second one if they have each a different purpose.

If my opinion can help make it useful, Iwould like to suggest:
1- remove the 1st part of the spell
2- remove all the buff to chill effect (that's the job of Arctic Breath)
3- don't try to make it work with "more projectile" He can't compet against Freezing Pulse/Frost Bolt for wave clear.
4- design it as a single target boss killer.

On Cold Snape, just give the same size than Frost Bomb. Why not reduce damage based on distance from the center to balance it.
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I am a Ball of Lightning user. While the increased damage is nice, I think if the goal of skill revamp is to introduce "newer game" play, then they should look into buffing Knockback and Blind and Flee with interesting Uniques. One of the things I love about Ball of Lightning is that it can proc frequently. I love it with Knockback but it's a very precious gem slot. If I have good Uniques that increase damage with Knockback (maybe there is and I just don't know since I am new), then Ball of Lightning will be more fun.

Imagine some good Uniques that have good synergy with Knockback and Flee and the enemies just run back and forth between Balls.

If it's just straight up more damage, then it's not different from using other lightning skills? Again, this is from a newbie's point of view.

Imagine a Unique that does something like:

If an enemy is Knockbacked, it takes X% more Damage
If an enemy is Fleeing, it suffers from lower resistance (or just more damage).
If an enemy is Blind, it gets more X% Critical (or just more damage)
Target suffers 10% more damage for each Condition on them.

This will make Gems more interesting so it's not all about Spell Echo and Controlled Destruction gems.

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