Skill Revamps - Part 1

Idea for Charged Dash :

-: Increase ghost movement speed
-: Set max distance at 3/4 of screen (as it is now I think ?)
-: When ghost reach max distance, he comes back to you.
-: When he goes back to you, he goes back to where your mouse points.
-: repeat indefinitely.
-: When released, ghost deals damage once in all area covered, multiplied (with a factor) by the amount of time he passed through.

Why it could work:
-: could look good
-: less spam by allowing to channel longer
-: every channel length is viable
-: could scale stuff like bleed and movement speed
-: area dependent on how long the channel lasts
is it time to shine for elemental hit? :D
I like this!
I wish you would devote some time to developing a team PvP format and a competitive league. The game is popular and I believe it would become so much more popular if you could do that. However, I like the game fine as is.
I hope Static Strike will get a little love too. I bet there are many people who use it because they like it (like me). But it is hard to say it is most effective skill gem.
can I please suggest keeping a type of skill for a build to that char's main points allocation?

this is really confusing - especially for new players

For example - I wanted to have a necromancer witch

The problem is - to have a great zombie / skeleton build you actually need strength, not intelligence (the witch's main points)

So as a new player - halfway into my witch leleving 9about lvl 40) I realise that all the skills for minions are strenght based - so the witch is actually not the best for minions - but it's also the only one with minion based ascendancy.

To a new player - this makes no sense at all.

Why would you have a skill requiring intelligence, for a character based on intelligence that requires all the support gems to be stength?
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Fatknacker52 wrote:
Sixtysan wrote:
Zicon wrote:
I'm very excited by this. It's excatly what is needed. Focus more on the content we already have and make it playable, before adding new content.

Talking of reworks and adjustments. I was really sad to see Dark Pact getting such a huge nerf. The problem with Dark Pact was not the damage. It should have so high damage with the drawback. The problem with Dark Pact was the instant leech from Vaal Pact, which you reworked the same patch you nerfed Dark Pact in, making the skill more or less useless. The skill needs either a damage increase or less health removal, so it will be manageable with high life regen to.

Talking of reworks. When are we going to see improvements to Iron Will casters? It really seems like you are killing that playstyle more and more.

And some sort of change to the Blood Magic keystone? Using life instead of mana to cast/attack, should come with some sort of benefit (life regen, damage, ect.). Mana regen/leech is so easy to come by these days, making Blood Magic more or less useless for 99% of builds. The extra life, is usually not even worth the traveling to get it either. We need some sort of reward to pick it up, making it an actual consideration. On top of that, you can't use auras or blasphemy curses. Way to many drawbacks, with to little reward. Sacrificing your life through Blood Magic should be exciting and rewarding.

Thanks for burning my cornea.

Put a big smile on my face after a pretty shitty day :D

I agree .

I will only talk about blood magic because i never used Dark pack or Iron will gem on any on my char.

Blood magic need a better reward since we can't use aura properly = dps lose that too much drawback for just no mana management. It need more thant just the basic life "increase" and the less mana reservation. Test a " more" life modifier on it instead of the "increase" ?

A life regen and/or a damage modifier bonuse may be nice and the emplacement of this key stone is too much punishing.
This would be better if it was near the scion area , at the center of the tree to make an easier approch for all other non Marauder/Duelist class.

Keep up the good work/fun please GGG.
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GGG just buff aoe and damage, save resource for new content and fix old.
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They don't even talk about Animate Guardian ...
with right rework it could be so good ... thinking about the necromancer in Dark age of Camelot, you take possession of the pet and become unmaterial, but if the pet die, you take huge damage.

Or something like, link another active skill gem to your guardian and let him use it ?

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