[3.7] Face-Cannon Frost blades Assassin. Face Tank everything! (Shaper, Uber elder video added)

tamamusta wrote:
angelskullker wrote:
I will try this build on 3.8.. wish me luck

Oh, I'm sure we will be fine.

Hahaha sry I was too busy now.. transiting to a new stage of life :)
Will probably update when 4.0 hits
Anyone running this on 3.9?

I'm lvl 88 now and need to work on getting solid res and more dps i guess. Rings are a sob to get and I have no luck crafting what was in the 3.7 version of this build.

Here's my PB from what I got so far: https://pastebin.com/v5uFRSS7
Looks like a decent starter, just not sure if this can hold up with woke 8 + buffed boss HP
How tf u have so much element res without any gear or perk?!

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