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I quit PoE, so I won't be making any updates or changes to my builds. If you manage to update or improve any of them, please share it in the build thread or PM me so others can benefit! I will link it in the OP too.

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All Animate Guardians Used in My Build Guides. Select The Correct Item Set.

Build Guides

Due to significant changes in 3.5 and 3.7, many of my builds will require changes to work in the latest update.
Builds with "-Legacy Gear" are designed to be played in standard, whereas "/Legacy Gear" can be played in league. Any Vaal Skill builds need to be updated to work with Soul Ripper Quartz Flask. I have not tested any of the new uniques since 3.3 Incursion League unless you see a build using one of them. Any builds that have legacy gear in brackets will likely still work in 3.4.
If any tree's are missing on a build that isn't labelled with the latest patch number, you'll have to use an old version of Path of Building to see the tree.

[3.6] The Broken Build | 40s Soul Eater & 80s Headhunter Buffs | Guaranteed to Crash Your Game | 20k Life 315k ES+ | 4.26x AoE Fireball @56+ Casts/s | 100M+ DPS*

[3.6] The Broken Build | 40s Soul Eater & 80s Headhunter Buffs | Tornado Shot 200M+ DPS 1000%+ MS | 10k+ Life 100k+ ES

[3.6-Legacy Gear] Fastest Clear Speed Tornado Shot | 7 Arrows @3.3M+ DPS Each, +2 Chain, 9.3APS+ | Mirage Archer Map Clear | 270% MS | 92/74% Attack/Spell Avoidance, Phasing | Fast & Easy Level 100

[3.6] Fastest Clear Speed Tornado Shot | 8 Arrows @2.5M+ DPS Each, +2 Chain, 11APS+ | Mirage Archer Map Clear | 260% MS | 92/74% Attack/Spell Avoidance, Phasing

[3.6-Legacy Gear] Maximum Clear Speed Tornado Shot | 11 Arrows @1.2M DPS Each +3 Chain | 1 Shot Screen Clearing | 260% MS | 92/64% Attack/Spell Avoidance

[3.6-Legacy Gear] Scold's Cast on Attack Cyclone Spell Nova | 48 Spells & 200 Projectiles a Second | 7k EHP | T16 Guardians Viable

[3.6] Fastest Quill Rain Elemental Hit | 426% MS | 10.7APS | Pure Mirage Archer Map Clear

[3.4-3.6] Inpulsa AutoBomber Elementalist | T16 Party Viable

[3.4-3.6] Massive AoE Vacuum Cyclone | 54 Radius | 290% Move Speed | The Flash Twister/Drunk White Girl

[3.4-3.6] Massive AoE Vacuum Cyclone | 55 Radius | Uber Lab Viable

[3.4] Oni-Goroshi Molten Strike | 7M+ Shaper DPS | 7k+ Life | Easy Uber Lab & Uber Elder
My Tankier Standard Build (9k Life Instant Leech, 86/86/80 Res, 4M DPS, 75/64% Attack/Spell Dodge):

[3.4] Varunastra Any Skill/Ice Crash/Flicker/Reave/Infernal Blow/Spectral Throw | 7M+ Shaper DPS
My Standard Build (28M DPS, 4.6k Life Instant Leech, 80% res):

[3.2] Inpulsa's Vaal Ice Nova | Works on 1L | Off Screen Novas | Dead without Soul Ripper | Needs Update

[3.4-DEAD] Scold's Last Breath Cast on Attack Cyclone Spell Nova | 35 Spells & 155 Projectiles a Second | T16 Elder Map Viable

PoB Only

[3.4/Legacy Gear] Poet's Pen Volatile Dead Pathfinder | Indigon+Zerphi | 9.5k Life, 25k+/s Life Recovery, 94/94/85% Max Resist, 47-59% Phys Dmg Reduction | 2M Shaper DPS | All Bosses | Easy HOGM with PvP Item Swap

[3.4] Fastest & Most Powerful Autobomber | Assassin

[3.2-Legacy Gear] CI HOWA Molten Strike Scion | 16k ES | 3M Shaper DPS | 81/87/82 Max Res | 86% Attack Avoidance | 42% Spell Avoidance | Easy Uber Elder

[3.3] Glacial Hammer Berserker | 11M Legacy Gear Shaper DPS

[3.3] Vaal Double Strike Gladiator | 5M+ Legacy Gear Shaper DPS | Needs Update for Soul Ripper

[3.2] Quill Rain Lightning Arrow Pathfinder | 7.5 APS | 300% MS

[3.2] Inpulsa's Vaal Burning Arrow Ice Shot Deadeye

[3.2-3.4] FaceBreaker Infernal Blow/Consecrated Path Jugg | 10M Shaper DPS (Legacy Gear)

[3.1/3.2] Cospri's Discharge Assassin | Mind Over Matter | 6.2k EHP

[3.2-3.4/Legacy Gear] Low Life Generic AoE/Flameblast Totem Heirophant

[3.2] Vaal Power Siphon Pathfinder | 312% MS

[3.2] Low Life Tri-Golem/Herald Vaal Fireball Elementalist

[3.2] Low Life Esh's Mirror Vaal Spark Inquisitor

[3.1/3.2] The Goddess Unleashed Wild Strike/Lightning Strike/Frost Blades Slayer (Better as Scion Raider/Slayer in 3.2)

[3.2] Perma Soul Eater Wild Strike Ascendant | Instant Leech

[3.2] Cospri's Perma Flicker Strike Assassin

[3.2] Low Life Poet's Pen Volatile Dead Aurabot


[3.0] 69c Elemental Blade Flurry Flicker Strike, Reflect/Stun Immune, 1Mil+ DPS Fast Clear

Misc Threads
Master Crafting Service/Vouch Thread

Filterblade Presets [No Longer Maintained]
Uber Wealthy Standard Filter (0.9.8h). 219 Changes.
Wealthy Standard Filter (0.9.7j). 197 Changes.
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