[3.6] Massive AoE Vacuum Cyclone | 54 Radius | 290% Move Speed | The Flash Twister/Drunk White Girl

I quit PoE, so I won't be making any updates or changes to my builds. If you manage to update or improve any of them, please share it in the build thread or PM me so others can benefit! I will link it in the OP too.

This guide is not for players completely new to Path of Exile. Some knowledge and experience is required.

Inspirational Video

54 Radius

AoE Optimized Disfavor Radius

Note: The information below is based on the default tree and gear which maximizes AoE and movement speed. You can get more DPS or Survivabilty if you wish.

Single Target (Standard Boss):
Moderate to Low DPS (1.25mil + 0.2mil with Blade Flurry, Conc Effect, and 2 Foils, 350k + 190k without any swaps)
Ancestral Warchief is used to help kill bosses

Clear Speed:
Very Fast (54 Cyclone AoE Radius, 520k DPS Vacuum Cyclone, 290% Movement Speed, 2.5x Herald of Ice AoE)

-Relies heavily on massive AoE and 68% evade chance to avoid being killed. Combined with 29% block chance, we have a 77% chance to avoid attacks
-Massive vacuum Cyclone AoE allows us to hit and drag enemies at a range that they can't hit us
-Chill & Freeze enemies
-8750 Armour for a total of 23% phys reduction from a 3k damage hit
-Curse Immune
-Pseudo Bleed Immune (Relies Deadeye's "Rupture" which allows us to move without taking extra damage from bleed). Can be completely bleed immune by using Death's Door or switching to Pathfinder
-4.2k Life
-Abyssus (40% increased physical damage taken)

Looking for something more tanky that can farm Uber Lab? Check out my Juggernaut version: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2133583

Path of Building Code
Guide to using PoB: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLpKZVNTOo8
PoB Code: https://pastebin.com/EuNcy9Bt
PoB Code (Budget Gear): https://pastebin.com/kGnwhx5W

Based on my character "BoomBoomCashCash"

Bosses Safely Killed
Should be able to handle bosses up to T15 if you play carefully.

Notes From PoB
-Use the "Before 95" tree to level, and pick up the biggest damage nodes first while getting life as needed
-If you want bleed immunity and easy flask charges, switch to the Pathfinder tree or use Death's Door. For Pathfinder, you'll need to turn off Tailwind in the configuration after
-Drop Inc AoE if you don't have the Herald of Ice reservation enchant
-Use Knockback Support instead of Hyporthermia if you want more vacuum effect
-Whirling Blades is faster than running, so use that for straight lines

GOBYrlFqwc (IGN deathlessuber) for title The Flash Twister
Hendo916 (IGN LuckyStarISmYshT) for alternate title "Drunk White Girl"

Check out my other build guides
Please message me on Discord from the MF Academy instead of PMing me on the forum.
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consider a scion version, 50% radius is possible with it
ClassicAngus wrote:
consider a scion version, 50% radius is possible with it

Scion is significantly worse since you lose a lot of speed, damage, and pseudo bleed immunity just to get the same 50% increased AoE from the Slayer and Sab.
Please message me on Discord from the MF Academy instead of PMing me on the forum.

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