[3.4] Oni-Goroshi Molten Strike | 7M+ Shaper DPS | 7k+ Life | Easy Uber Lab & Uber Elder

I quit PoE, so I won't be making any updates or changes to my builds. If you manage to update or improve any of them, please share it in the build thread or PM me so others can benefit! I will link it in the OP too.

This guide is not for players completely new to Path of Exile. Some knowledge and experience is required.

Single Target:
Very High DPS (~7M Shaper at lvl 96, More or less depending on target size, your level, how many balls hit, and gem links)
DPS Calculated with Molten Strike DPS Calculator:

Clear Speed:
Above Average to Average because Oni-Goroshi has a slow base attack speed which makes whirling blades slow. Whirling blades can be sped up by weapon swapping to the Brightbeak and Prismatic Eclipse off-hand.
Very Fast if you can use Flicker Strike.

~7k Life, Slayer Overleech. 85% Max Fire Res. Curse Immune. Blind Enemies, 76% Attack Avoidance (64% Evade, 34% Dodge). Arctic Armour. 30-80% Reduced Extra Damage from Crits. Free flask slot for end game spell based bosses.
Oni-Goroshi "Her Embrace" Buff: Cannot be Stunned. Unaffected by Burning Ground. Immune to Freeze, Chill and Ignite

Feedback From Players
-5 Man Uber carry at level 73 and no Vaal Pact safe and easy
-T15s at level 73 and no Vaal Pact easy

Path of Building Code
Guide to using PoB: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLpKZVNTOo8
PoB Code: https://pastebin.com/JqynqJCe
My Tankier Standard Build (9k Life Instant Leech, 86/86/80 Res, 4M DPS, 75/64% Attack/Spell Dodge): https://pastebin.com/ZP23i8qV
Select the appropriate tree and item set

Based on my character "TheGoddesScorned"

Bosses Safely Killed
Uber Elder (See Below for Guide)
Uber Izaro
T15 Elder & his Guardians
Shaper & his Guardians
T15 and Lower
... will add more

Notes From PoB
-Weapon swap to turn off the degen from Her Embrace and move between packs faster. Use Ancestral Call for clearing, and optionally Damage on Full Life or Maim for bosses.
-You can try swapping Multistrike or Ancestral Call for Physical Projectile Attack Damage for a 7% or more damage increase.
-Do not namelock bosses for maximum damage. Instead, "you can get 30% or even more DPS by standing further back, depending on your configuration". This is especially important if you use Ancestral Call on bosses since it will only hit once instead of twice.
-Leveling: Select the "Pre Path of the Ranger" passive tree. Pick the slayer ascendancy first for easier "Her Embrace" degen sustain.
-For more free sockets, you can remove the Cast When Damage Taken setup in the helmet.
-Use Purity of Ice for (Uber) Elder/Shaper for more defences.

Gear Options
Helmet/Gloves: Buy whichever of these two options are cheapest with helm enchant: 1. Res Life Helm + DPS Life Gloves 2. Starkonjas + Res Life Gloves.
Body Armour: Kaoms Heart for maximum life, but you may use another chest for more DPS (eg. Ancestral Warchief)
Rings: Use the "Elder Mapping & Lab" ring with Summon Ice Golem while mapping to sustain frenzies and flask charges. Swap to "DPS" for bosses as needed.
Boots: If you don't have boots with fortify, you can take out Projectile Weakness from your gloves and replace it with Ancestral protector. Then you can put the Fortify gem in your boots. If your gem setup allows, you can use Kaom's Roots for more life. However, you will no longer be able to evade attacks.

Lab Setup
Pantheon: Upgraded Arakaali & Ryslatha
With Elder Fortify Boots: Use Enduring Cry on the Elder ring, and Summon Stone Golem instead of Ancestral Protector in the boots. When you reach Izaro, swap either Enduring Cry or Summon Stone Golem for Ancestral Protector. Equip the Golem/Warcry again after.
Without Elder Boots: Use an unset ring similar to "Lab Int" and Put Enduring Cry and Summon Stone Golem in your rings.
Immortal Flesh can be used instead of Belt of the Deceiver for more life and regen. +1 endurance charge on the belt can help, but isn't needed.
Use Leap slam in the off-hand to move through the lab.

Uber Elder Setup
Since we have more damage then we can use in this fight, we will prioritize defences.
Pantheon: Major: Arakaali with Arachnoxia. Minor: Upgraded Yugul OR Upgraded Tukohama
Gems: Use the default Molten Strike gem setup with Ancestral Call. Swap Vaal Haste for Vaal Grace. Projectile Weakness is not needed and should not be used to avoid getting killed while casting. Also, it won't work with the curse on hit elder ring (see below)
Flasks: Swap the Stibnite Warding flask for a Stibnite or Sapphire Flask of Heat. If you choose Sapphire, make sure your fire resistance is still highest for Wise Oak penetration. Optionally, swap the Diamond Flask of Staunching for a Diamond Flask of Heat.
Rings: Use the Elder mapping and lab ring instead of the DPS steel ring for more flask charges. Use a Summon Stone Golem in the ring.

Uber Elder Training
Go to this website: poesimulator.github.io
Click Customize Jugg
Set to Custom, then input these numbers (use lower values to make it harder, or try to match your build).
Max Life: 7000
Life Regen: 2000-2400 (28-34%)
RF Degen: 0
SR Dps (per stack): 0
RF Dps: 750000-1500000 (750k - 1.5M. Assumes 7M Shaper DPS or 5M Uber Elder Setup DPS)
Set your controls and being simulation. Use the 0 damage Scorching Ray to simulate attacking in place. Practice until you can do it deathless more than once or until you feel ready for the real thing.
The only things missing from the simulation are the Elder & Shaper portal phases. Watch some YouTube videos of Uber Elder to see what those look like.

Uber Elder Tips
Avoid: Shaper's Projectile Balls, Shaper's Teleport Slam, Elder's Expanding Nova (stay inside the ring), Elder's Siphon.
Tank: Everything else, but pay attention to how fast your life drops from damage over time (eg. Shaper's Beam).
All damage over time effects on the ground can generally be safely ignored since we'll finish the fight before they become a problem.

Flicker Strike Frenzy Sustain Tips:
1. Blood Rage.
2. Poacher's Mark (Doesn't work on Hexproof Maps):
-a. Use Blasphemy Poacher's Mark and drop Herald of Ash and Arctic Armour.
-b. Use an Elder ring with Poacher's Mark on hit. ilvl 80 for lvl 12 curse.
3. Use a different amulet so you can deal damage other than fire.
4. Swap Melee Phys for Ice Bite or Phys to Lightning. Untested, might help.
5. Get more damage. If you have enough damage, you wont lose charges on packs or rares.
6. You may have trouble killing rares with flicker strike unless you have very high damage. If you're struggling to sustain on a rare, go kill a pack and come back.

Check out my other build guides
Please message me on Discord from the MF Academy instead of PMing me on the forum.
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Quality Blood of the kauri GGGG
I am him and he is I.
very good
-Finished Build Guide
-Fixed DPS calculation. Was 12mil, now 8mil because I made an error with point blank.

Update 2
-Added a few more tips
-Updated PoB with new leveling tree
Please message me on Discord from the MF Academy instead of PMing me on the forum.
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-The lab setup no longer requires a second unset ring if you have elder fortify boots. Read the notes for details.
Please message me on Discord from the MF Academy instead of PMing me on the forum.
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Amazing build: started farming uber with lvl70 carried 5 man parties with level 73 (wtf)... t15 maps with 73lvl...check :)

iam now level 83 and there is so much more to get
tyty great guide
-Added Oni-Goroshi "Her Embrace" Buff to "Survivability"

Added Notes:
-Intelligence Requirement: You can use a level 18 or 19 Concentrated Effect if you need more Intelligence, or instead of using a ring with
-For more free sockets, you can remove the Cast When Damage Taken setup in the helmet.
-Use Purity of Ice for (Uber) Elder/Shaper for more defences.

Feedback from players:
-5 Man Uber carry at level 73 and no Vaal Pact safe and easy
-T15s at level 73 and no Vaal Pact easy
Please message me on Discord from the MF Academy instead of PMing me on the forum.
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Leveling this now, its super easy with a thief's torment for sustain till you get the leech. Still haven't taken Vaal Pact and having no problem getting through the acts. One question though, looking at your current profile I'm a bit confused where is your int coming from? Or have you swapped around gear and it's just not showing? I remembered seeing a steel ring with INT at one point.

And for anyone looking to do this build the most expensive part by far in std would be the helm + enchant, probably the same in bsc. Xoph's blood and the rest isn't that bad, but I got lucky as I had some of this stuff sitting around in STD, only thing I really needed to buy was Oni and some gems.
Derp, int coming from acuity. This is tempting me to save up for a legacy pair.
Elder Guardians (T9-12) at 75 with no VP, DPS rings or helm enchant, easy.

Current gears:

I do have Atziri's Acuity (new version) but I wanted to see if I could beat them without. Now to hit 80 for Red Elder and so I can equip some steel rings.

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