[3.4] Pasta's Dex Stacking Build Crit(Barrage/Scourge Arrow LA/TS/Ice Shot) All Content Viable

Hi all First of all congratulation to the creator of this awesome build, have a question regarding the skill, at the moment i'm using Tornato shot for clear, i wonder if it's better use the Lightning Arrow setup, because from what i see pasta is using this Skill.
Hope i get a feedback,
Guys, i have come to this thread seeking advice on a niche Shaper-mod bow, kind of exactly the one this build uses. Im not sure whatsoever what the price of something like this would be, or also how to go about "finishing" it off from where it is. Any help from some knowledgable people would be hugely appreciated. (open craft spots are 2 prefixes, Dex goes up to 50 with divine, T1 cold per dex, T1 Pen, T2 atk spd/20% double dmg, 50 dex)

(fun fact: this was an ID scroll btw)
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Hi. Wanna use this build with Scourge arrow and new Hyrri's Ire Zodiac Leather. Is it good idea?
Hmm, not sure if it would be best for dmg, but its evasion and dodge would help with living.. If you have the resists for it. I'll have to run it in pob for my build later. Nice thought.... Anyone try the banners for this build yet?
Completed 25 ChallengesVladmade wrote:
Hi. Wanna use this build with Scourge arrow and new Hyrri's Ire Zodiac Leather. Is it good idea?

If you have the resis, it's also good for damage. So would be a good choice.

Just crafted this item for this build. Adds 1m dps and 121 life over a perfectly rolled astramentis!
Just found this bow and found this thread

Now time to stack that dex

Edit --

This crafted amy helped

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I finished my gear!

- All resists = 153%, 153%, 153% - The Wise Oak full effect
- 1063 Dextery!
- 6.3 Million Barrage DPS!
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+58dex + %12attr.. best in slot for this build

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