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dontsleep wrote:
Thanks for this in-depth guide. I have a question. How do you gain power charges with the dual Shimmeron variant?

Not sure, cause I didn't look specifically at that variation yet, but the Ascendancy in Hierophant, Conviction of Power, gives us our chance to gain power and endurance charges. Most notably the 50% when we place a totem and 15% if totem kills an enemy for power charges.
Yes, Power Charge sustain is super easy (against bosses too) thanks to the Conviction of Power ascendancy. You have 10 seconds to refresh your charge timer and 50% chance per totem placed. That alone is more than enough.

Maybe I should explain what each ascendancy gives us in that section of the guide?

Os_Money wrote:

Thanks! I'm glad you liked some of the suggestions. The regarding the winds of change, it's not a huge issue if your mostly using shield charge for moving around the map since thats attack speed. Also depending on the roll its only 5-10% reduction for a lot of damage. And agreed on rathpith.

Shield charging scales of attack speed AND movement speed. You are right though it's just 5% on a good roll.
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Thanks for the answers, I must've missed that node. New Hierophant nodes are really incredible.
Thanks a bunch for the guide, this is probably the most fun in PoE I've had for a long time. It's also by far the longest I have stuck with the same build because it so dang fun to play!

A couple things: first, it might be a bit nitpicky but I think you might be wasting a point on your tree to the right of MoM where you could instead path up and to the right. Second, I was hoping someone could maybe offer me some help understanding Path of Building in regards to Shimmeron. I am currently using one Shimmeron and a shield. When I equip this badass dagger I found (in place of Shimmeron), my dps goes up slightly, but I'm unsure if PoB accounts for the bonuses from the power charges included in Shimmeron's text. If PoB is omitting the power charge bonuses, then I think the dagger is inferior so that is my confusion. Any insight would be greatly appreciated and again, thanks OP for the build!
Thanks for being nitpicky! I actually forgot to allocate the totem nodes near Mind of Matter in the skilltrees of the levelling section. That's why I chose this pathing. I updated the last 3 skilltrees to include them.

Corrected skilltree for level 89

Regarding Shimmeron: Be sure to activate Power Charges in Path of Building (Configuration). Also activate "Enemy is chilled" for Hypothermia. You also want to take the Power Charge nodes on the tree if running Shimmeron as explained in my "Variants" section. Even an insane dagger shouldn't increase your DPS compared to Shimmeron. Also note that you can replace your Increased Critical Strikes gem when running Shimmeron for more DPS. If you want, you can link your Pastebin to figure this out.
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Hi what are the best enchant on Helm i have cast speed atm?
Getkoffein wrote:
Hi what are the best enchant on Helm i have cast speed atm?

I wrote about enchants in the "gear" section.
Hey guys, i'm trying your build here but ... I can't reach more than 5000 EHP and 20k damage per Totem...
Isn't Belly of the beast and Taryn Sheaver best for Freezing pulse totem ?
Versebs wrote:
Hey guys, i'm trying your build here but ... I can't reach more than 5000 EHP and 20k damage per Totem...
Isn't Belly of the beast and Taryn Sheaver best for Freezing pulse totem ?

If you allow other people to see your characters tab (under privacy settings here on your profile), I can take a look at your character.

For the totem damage you should not take your tooltip damage. It doesn't account for Hypothermia damage, curses, Frostbomb, Diamond Flask. And if you are standing still in hideout, not for onslaught and Power Charges, and damage from various ascendancies. To calculate your real DPS, you can use the tool "Path of Building".

Belly of the Beast: It is a fine choice if you can get 3 offcolors. With 40% MoM we also need a lot of mana, and a 6L rare chest with life and mana is much cheaper to get than a Belly and also easier to color and gives better resist. If you want to maximize your EHP, then you probably should go Belly (or even Cloak of Defiance).

Taryn's Shiver gives you 15-25% more damage, trading in your Shield Charge and all the defensive stats on your shield. That's totally not worth it in my opinion. It is also outclassed by double Shimmeron Wands which would give you around 60% more damage.
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If you want to give advices, Check " Verteub" With this account. I'm going for Soul mantle 6 Link but I think i'm too short with life and damages

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