Poll: Should we add Nets that work on Dead Beasts?

Yes, but more common
Yes, but more rare
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On Saturday, due to player feedback, we proposed plans to change two things about Bestiary League:

  • Restoring the three-second capture window with nets
  • Being able to capture dead beasts

We deployed the first of these changes on Sunday, and player feedback almost unanimously stated that the capture experience is vastly improved. We were very concerned about Slayer characters, Necromancers and Totem users. Feedback from these players suggest that many of the problems they faced are now resolved.

Many players have petitioned for us to not add nets that work on dead beasts. Players have different opinions, which we can't easily judge the more popular of, so we're going to leave this decision up to the community. Our three options are:

  • No: In this case, we'll keep the current capture mechanics how they are.
  • Yes, but more common: In this case, we'll add the nets as something that you can expect to have a few of, meaning you can often just kill monsters and capture later without having to engage as strongly with the regular capture mechanic.
  • Yes, but more rare: In this case, they'll be added as items that are harder to find. High-level players will try to generally use the regular capture mechanic, but can repair mistakes by throwing one of these more valuable nets.

If "No" gets more than 50% of votes, then it wins and we won't add the nets. If any combination of "Yes" gets 50% of votes or more, then they will be added. "Yes, but more common" will only be selected if it gets 50% of total votes itself (so "Yes, but more rare" is the middle ground and default option if neither of the others reaches 50%).

Basically, if you want "No" or "Yes, but more common" to be the outcome, then you need 50% of the playerbase to agree.

Honestly, we're happy with any of those three outcomes. It's not hard to add the nets, if you want them. Please vote how you'd prefer to play and we'll respect that.

Regardless of what happens with this new net type, we will of course keep working to improve every aspect of the league we can. There's lots of very good feedback about other small frustrations that can be resolved.

The poll will be open for 24 hours from the time of this post.

Only accounts made before this was posted can vote on the poll. We will monitor it for abuse.
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I say no.

I'm saying this from a pretty casual player style. I don't have a lot of interest in the clearspeed meta, nor am I going to efficiently run map X for max profits. I'm enjoying the capturing mechanic as it's been tbh, and being able to capture that one monster with life regen and whats not, by killing it just feels. Well cheap.

If you can kill the monster and then capture it anyways, it takes away the capturing part. I mean, 90% of the monsters can be captured by throwing the net before damaging them(note, I haven't been to red maps as I write this). If you have a net for those 10%, or even 1%. What's the point for this mechanic? You might as well completely scrap it, and add monsters to the menagery as we kill them.
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Change the whole thing! Make "nets" be a "curse" that marks enemies in a circle, if marked enemies die, they get captured.

No more trying to click 1 enemy to net them
No more worrying about accidentally killing stuff

Allows for doing the fun thing in this game, killing things.

They can still be a resource.
You can address all the problems with timed damage reductions like you used in Harbinger. Make it nearly impossible to kill the monster until you've been within range of it for a few seconds, then ramp the reduction down quickly. We don't need the clunk of extra nets, and the idea of "roadkill league" doesn't sit too well with me anyway.

But if you want to do the "rarest in the area" thing for normal nets still, that would be a solid improvement. The bear trap single-target trapping is even clunkier than single-target melee, and it's very easy to get overlapping clickboxes when the adds start pouring in.
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I say no, i think it works ok atm with the 3 sec time frame.

If you allow dead beast capturing it turns into just another currency that you have to pick up in a weird way; it'll lose its unique flavor
No, I think the 3 second window is fine.

I want to keep capturing beasts not corpses
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I think it's dumb to catch something that isn't living
This is the level of community interaction i love about you guys. Personally i voted for "No" as it feels to be against the spirit of the league itself to capture dead beasts.

Kudos to you guys to let the playerbase itself decide what it wants.
The whole point of the league is to capture beasts alive so you can make them fight to the death as a sacrifice to the Old Ones.

Let's just say the Old Ones aren't after roadkill.

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