[3.3] CHAOS-FIRE-INQUISITOR | feat. Magma Orb - All Content incl. UBER ELDER! Budget friendly!

s0mosh wrote:
SolemnKnight wrote:
Insane gear, I am still leveling at the moment and wanted to ask if you had any tips on specific leveling uniques for the build. Right now I am still running Axiam with a diamond flask trying to crit my way through. Obliviously I lack defensive stats but hope to find better gear later on.

After hitting 42 I grabbed Nyctas Lantern and never ran into dmg problems untill I dropped it for Singularity. The +2 level to Fire Gems carries big time.

If you want to go bonkers on dmg you can get one of the new Sacrificial Heart amus, that should at least double your damage, making leveling rather effortless.

I am using tabula at the moment for a 6l magma orb, though its probably better idea to wear actual armor because I die very very quick.
Got some pretty good items for sale for this build:

IGN: @RainbowMemeBoi

I switched my build over to something else if anyone's interested in buying out this gear. PM me ingame if your doing this build, and I could probably do a nice deal.
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Should I swap Concentrated Effect with Controlled Destruction for map clearing or just go with GMP + Conc effect?
Looooong time lurker and I just needed to thank you for this guide, Gorno. I have never had such ease rolling through content as I have with this Inqusitor--the single-target is insane for how well it also clears massive packs. Very impressed by the defense that backs up our offense as well, dying is a rare occurrence!

I was wondering if picking up Elemental Equilibrium would be worthwhile? Perhaps for the leveling process? I find myself using Arc Totems and Orb of Storms a lot, so that has me wondering whether EE is viable. Thanks again :D
Whats the logic behind low level Orb of Storms and Arcane Surge? Even without Faster Casting and Blind, you can get more damage from Arcane Surge if you level Orb of Storms.

LvL 01 Orb of Storm mana cost : 11 | LvL 01 Arcane Surge(10% - 10% - 0.5%) Mana to Gain AS : 15
LvL 20 Orb of Storm mana cost : 28 | LvL 06 Arcane Surge(13% - 12% - 0.6%) Mana to Gain AS : 26

This is without Inc. Duration. Cost of Orb of Storm would be higher with it.

The numbers aren't that high but its something :) Am I missing something here?


LvL 21 Orb of Storm mana cost : 47(with Arcane Surge + Inc. Duration + Power Charge on Crit.)
LvL 08 Arcane Surge(14% - 13% - 0.7%) Mana to Gain AS : 41

In total we gain +%4 Spell Damage, +%3 Cast Speed, +%0.2 Mana regen per sec from Arcane Surge proc without any mana multiplier except support gems on gloves.
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Hi guys,

If anyone is still interested in playing this build, I am selling off my old main-hand weapon. It is not the best crafted weapon out there but I managed to easily do uber elder with it. Hoping to let go for cheap for a new build so let me know thanks! Price is definitely negotiable :)

Going to try this build in IHC. Will update on how it goes in this thread! Currently level 45 and leveling has been pretty smooth. Not exactly top tier speed but good enough.
I love this build.

The acid MTX is by far better than the normal magma orbs. And the bouncing sound just reminds me of jumaji lol
Very powerful build. DPS in a town - aprox 230k. My gear:
Having a blast playing this build!
Facerolls absolutely everything, is tanky and very fun to play.
Thanks so much for the very detailed and easy to understand guide!

For those interested.. Here's what I'm wearing currently:

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