This is the ULTIMATE BIG BOI BUILD FOR NON HETEROS. If that is something you can't handle then how bout you handle that door over there and gtfo, k? If you are too weak to wield a staff and slam the ground with ur meaty biceps, then once again kindly GTFO. We're talking 6 endurance charges + 4 Power charges + One hunk type of Boi. We will be using the Tectonic Slam skill which is a brand new unused skill in PoE, so as a disclaimer this build may be altered by the user with the consent of the build designer. As another preface to the build guide; I know this build is NOT a shadow, but I think it will combine perfectly ur desire for dips with my desire to see my boi hunky. Now that we have that all taken care of, lets lube up and get in that.


22 Points
Okay we start out by rushing over to Resolute Technique and take some 2h dips nodes on the way, Hoorah. I don't know when Tectonic Slam is given as a quest reward so just use sunder until you get it from a quest. Use the normal GG 2h unique leveling items(Limbsplit, Geoffri's) You should still be alive here about 98% of the time.


52 Points
Time to take some more health nodes and eat our veggies before we can go full steak hunk boi mode. We are grabbing some Endurance nodes which should line up well with your first Ascendancy points which should be done about now (Unflinching). You should still be alive here with 85% odds.


70 Points
Nothing tooo exciting here. Were finishing our veggies and setting up for that fat steak hunk boi. Go ahead and grab Unyielding with your second ascension. I'm putting your odds of still being alive here at 72%


100 Points
Aight it's full on crit staff boi from here on out. GET OUT of Resolute Technique and get those CRIT NODES BABY. You reallly should have the third ascendancy points here to shine (Undeniable). You will have have to beat Kitava 2.0 here so your odds of survival are now down to 40%. You're doing just fine...


112 Points
If you're still alive, and still need suggestions post 100 points I recommend grabbing some more life nodes + un-stunnable + attack speed. You been Grinding dem meeps and do the uber trials??
I like Ubreakable for the final points if you got a fat meaty hot-boi chest. The odds of you spending points past 100 to make it into this category are at 10%. Nice mapping bruhhhh. If you get past 112 points(which means ur ~lvl 90) I'll give you a fat prize.



Chest- Tectonic Slam -> Added Fire -> Melee Phys -> Multistrike -> Conc Effect / Inc AoE -> Crit Strike
Weapon- Warchief Totem -> Melee Phys -> Faster Attacks -> Conc Effect
If Tectonic Slam has low single target dips - we'll put a single target attack like heavy strike in the weapon

Helm- Cast on dmg taken (level 1) -> enfeeble -> blood rage --Enduring Cry--
Gloves- Cast on dmg taken (level 20) -> Immortal call -> Ice Golem Boi --Hatred--
Boots- Leap slam -> faster attacks -> fortify --Herald of Fire--
Shield - LUL


For gear you want to prioritize high amounts of Life + Resists + Armor + Crit Jewelry + Elemental DMG

Unique Gears -
Hegemony's Era staff is peemp and super cheap the last couple leagues.

Lion's ROAR is sick dips and synergies well with Hegemony Knockback clause. With that and Blunt Trauma passive you should always be at max power charges

If you got the cash this chest is nutty with your uber lab points, tho u do lose some block in the process. It's been noted this item may be overkill, but a boys gotta EAT amirite!?

Kingsguard chest is pretty cheap if i recall correctly. Could be a nice starter chest when u ding dong 61.

Oskarm Gloves are pretty sweet- actually super sweet- We'll be stacking crazy high accuracy so the crit payoff from these should be big boi status. The assassins mark is a pretty sick bonus as well.

The Wise Oak is a nice flask for your utility spot. Def get ur fire resist highest, and tie it with your cold resist for extra hunk POWER.



5- UTILITY FLASK OF USER DISCRETION (Roll curse removal if not a unique flask)

I think there are some real choices here. Alira is nice for Crit/resists, Oak is nice for hunks, 2 stats points is nice for hot balls. Bois choice here, GL.

Misc misc
IDK what your accuracy / int / dex is going to be looking like so pick up any nodes you need to satisfy these. Versatility is looking good.

To sustain mana I think with 1 piece jewelry that has mana leech will be able to sustain mana requirements np.com

If you take the numbuckerz gloverz you can drop enfeeble and put hatred there which allows a free spot on ur lvl 20 cwdt for Increased Duration (always last longer baby)

It appears multistrike is eating 3 enudurance charges. I still think it's a good option, but if you want to have consistently higher charges, and meatier hits you can swap in Weapon elemental Damage support.


Is this your first guide?
Maybe, shut up straight boi.

Are there any synergies with this build?
Duh, Juggernaut gives mad endurance charges which Tectonic Slam will slurp

Who is Ray?
Phils' Brother

What's your favorite color?

What guild are you in?
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FAQ #6 Pantheon? Kappa /e was a good read, will try thanks!
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seems good
can u post a pastebin ?

This build seems work! :)
Can this big boi handle Hardcore?

Or do we need to make hem even more buff to be able to wade through that era.
I'm loving the crit coupled with resolute technique. That should work really well!!
Calzone31415 wrote:
I'm loving the crit coupled with resolute technique. That should work really well!!

Did you even read the guide?

"Aight it's full on crit staff boi from here on out. GET OUT of Resolute Technique and get those CRIT NODES BABY."
Was thinking about running a Teutonic (DEUS VULT) Slam build and the first line is literally for me. Welp, guess I got a build now :')

//Also why not use Oskarm gloves?
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Will Avatar of Fire be worth using with Tec Slam?
I think JUGG is really good pick for this build. I'm also thinking about Chieftain tho.

THis is what I and my friend came up with so far
Be water, my friend.

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