A Quick Note About Nets

the 10 tier ones should definately be 100% catch rate if the beast is below 35% hp (with a visual warning for this guaranteed catch) and the 9 ones gets higher chances the lower the beast hp is.

having a chance to fail a catch with the highest tier net seems so bad, like wasting tons of Ultra Balls trying to catch a legendary pokemon because there's no Master Balls in the league
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I still won't be picking up nets until maps. Gonna filter them out ASAP. If you really wanted more than one net, you should have just made a single general-purpose net, and a "special" net for difficult/legendary monsters. That's what it sounds like you did for mapping so what is the reason those same nets wouldn't work for leveling?

In any case, this level of micromanaging doesn't sound fun to begin with, especially since the capture rate isn't even 100%. No thanks.
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Ellerean wrote:
Appreciate the communication as always Chris.

It's 100000% the reason why I and the rest of the community will continue to support GGG and Path of Exile.

There might be some backlash here and there and not everyone is going to be happy with changes and trying new things, but it's important to open discussion and keep transparent on how and why things are the way they are in the game.

Don't stress and keep up the great work!

PS. Thank you SO MUCH for the reveals this weekend!!!!!!!! AMAZING JOB GUYS!

You and the rest of the community? You don't speak for anyone else but yourself bud. I support GGG because they have made a fun/deep game, not because they made 1 post that explained some things, cos redditers couldn't understand some things.
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Very informative post! Thanks GGG <3

I dont understand why ppl are so damn salty about this league. Finally we have something diferent to do...

You wont kill the beast that you suppose to craft by mistake, they will show up in the minimap, the rare ones are harder to kill, and then you can also throw the net and then hit it. It's seems quite simple and straight forward. Or maybe is because a lot of players got to a robot tier lvl plaging this game that they just run the map pressing the mov skill and attack skill key and dont give a shit about whats happening.
unless you are in SSF, it doesnt seem that rewarding to "waste" time during leveling catching beasts. there are allready plenty of leveling builds out there which require close to no investment, so the low-lvl beast craft shouldnt matter much. i guess the best way to approach this is to rush to maps as usual, treat nets as currency and just go for specific beasts you wanna craft yourself or having a lot of value due to meta. its basicly another layer of currency you pick up while running shaped vaults
Chris wrote:
[Nets are] relatively easy to get, and their drop rates are set to signal an appropriate rate to capture Beasts

After the Divine Vessel RNG failure, I call Shenanigans.

My prediction: we'll never get enough end-game nets and end up having to trade for them. SSF players will complain about it just like they complained about Divine Vessels (rightfully so).
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this craft thingy should be nice for starter
Chris wrote:

At the start of the game, there's only one tier of net available.

Towards the end of Act One, you start to find better nets.

As you enter Act Two, the first nets no longer drop.

As you progress through the game, there are really only two tiers of nets available at any time.

For people playing high yellow/red maps in the end-game, there are also essentially two tiers of nets - tiers nine and ten. Tier nine nets are the bread and butter of most of your Beast captures, and tier ten nets are saved for special occasions. These highest-tier nets are realistically the only ones with significant economic value.

Chris did you even read what you just typed? As we progress low tier nets cant even drop. This means 2 things. First youre gated behind the drop rate of t9 and t10 nets, since no other nets drop and you're saving them for special occasions you will ultimately be forced to skip some beast encounters because of net supply or buy nets from poe.trade (vomit). Secondly since only good nets drop, if for what ever reason you wanna craft something low tier like a granite flask (LUL) you either have to farm low tier areas for low tier nets or buy them from poe.trade (vomit). So not only am i realistically barely ever going to see worthwhile beasts, now the nets needed have "significant" economic value. So i need a build that doesnt 1 shot, offscreen, and can stop the dps (no summoner, totem, etc) because if it does, then im wasting nets and im sure that will feel really good.

This league was looking pretty dismal when i thought we would have a free net skill bound to the V key. Knowing there is a restrictive net item mixed into this awkward system really, really sucks. Even with free nets somebody like me will ignore beastcrafting almost completely, since most of the teased crafts are useless outside ssf. You think anybody is going to find, use nets, and farm to roll a rare item with fire res? I wouldnt be shocked if the price of nets > more than the alc it you would need to just roll an item and save 15 minutes of time.

Even with powerful crafting i would normal be enticed into there is too much restriction on playstyle and build choices that I can see myself just selling nets and ignoring all beasts outside of farming challenges if the rewards are good this league.

Buy the ticket, take the ride.
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