A Quick Note About Nets

Cant wait to play new league, hope legendary beast wont be as rare as Lich was... please not this again!

Increase chance to meet legendary beast before league started!
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Chris wrote:
You don't need to click on a net item in your inventory each time you want to capture a Beast. You use the globally-available net skill, which has its own bindable hotkey so that it doesn't take up a skill slot. You only need to click a net item when you want to change what type of net you're capturing Beasts with.

Frankly this was the only point I cared about at all, glad to see it. Inventory management is more-or-less a couldn't-care-less issue for me, but having to use nets from the inventory in the middle of a fight would have been infuriating.
Abdiel_Kavash wrote:
I still don't get what is the gameplay advantage of having pokeballs nets be consumable items.

Especially since you're saying that only one or two tiers will actually be relevant for endgame - why not just get rid of all the other tiers?

What kind of player do you think would find collecting and micromanaging net tiers an enjoyable part of the experience? Do you really think the league would lose a lot if casting a net was simply a skill that did not consume any resource, and success was determined by your character level compared to the level/strength of the beast?

I know that GGG is in some cases willing to change their mind based on player feedback, and I really appreciate that position. Therefore I would like to add my voice to the crowd: remove the consumable nets, make capturing beasts simply be a skill that can be used without limitations. If necessary, adjust the spawn rate of beasts to compensate.

I completely agree with the above - ten tiers of nets is just another layer of complexity/frustration, along with probably having to keep an eye on which tier you're using.

Also, how about putting two slots next to flasks, one for each type of scroll?
Player numbers are plummeting.
I need a little bit of a clarification.

A minute ago, I wasted 10 Necromancy nets to capture dead legendary beast (red beast).
I stand above the corpse, throwing nets at the beast and all I have captured, were 10 dead white beasts.

Is this intended? I thought this nets are at least trying to capture the nearest and rarest dead beast?

If i have encountered some kind of a bug - I will take it and sleep happy, but honestly, the feel that Bestiary league leaves in my heart is solely disappointment. This net mechanic is just too much at certain points - if my character stops hitting for 0.1 seconds, most of the time I could be dead,if RNG is not on my side, so the whole "time" to throw these nets, in a red tier maps, when you are overrun with mobs is saddening if you are not playing one of these "meta" builds.

Still wont play this league so long as nets are part of it. If they make it to core, I'll be looking for other games.

You need to realize... I'm not of the mind that "it's just one space" is a reason to put up with something. One space here... one space there. Next league might need two more, we'll see. Maybe 2x2. Why not? It's only 4 spaces.

Not going to go with that future, and if that's not the future... why the hell is it acceptable at the present? Answer: It's not.
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Shagsbeard wrote:
Still wont play this league so long as nets are part of it. If they make it to core, I'll be looking for other games.

You need to realize... I'm not of the mind that "it's just one space" is a reason to put up with something. One space here... one space there. Next league might need two more, we'll see. Maybe 2x2. Why not? It's only 4 spaces.

Not going to go with that future, and if that's not the future... why the hell is it acceptable at the present? Answer: It's not.

You stand that ground.

We'll hand you drinks when you get thirsty. You'll have to find your own food though. I caught mine with a net. :)
beasts haha
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First of all, I really like the idea of beastiary league and was very excited having this genuine new content in PoE.
However after playing beastiary a few weeks, the excitement is still there but is in company of an odd feeling of frustation. I think, this feeling of frustation is coming with fighting beasts in the map content, and IMHO it is a major reason why so many are complanying about beastiary league.

I only can speak for myself but I think that many other player have the same odd feeling due to the same issues. Please let me point out some of these that definitely have to be addressed to make capturing beast more rewarding experience.

The nets - There are several things that feel wrong with this new item class.
First of all, it has to be carried around in your inventory to make use of it. Even it uses only one spot in my backpack, it feels like a wasted of precious space.
Next they come in 10 tiers plus the necro version. Yes, I understand the reason for designing it that way but most of the time it feels pointless that there are multiple tiers. As long as you are able to burst damage the beast to death there is no reason to go for higher tiers. Plus, they waste 11+ slots in my stash.
Last but not least, switching nets is bugged when doing it in town. When ever I swich nets in town, it returns to the previous net (even if I dont have any of them in my pocket) when entering a new area. I know other players having the same issue.
It would be a big improvement, if nets comes in fewer tiers. Like the flasks, all lower tiers feels pretty much pointless because you level very fast. Maybe one tier for Act 1-10 and maybe 2-3 tiers for the maps including necronets would be optimal. Please make an equipment slot where we can put them, and please fix the bug mentioned.

Capturing beasts - Am I fighting the map boss or just a beast?!
Fighting yellow beast feels sometimes more challenging than fighting the map boss, and red beast feels like the uber version of a map boss. I understand that there are hugh difference in equipment and clear speed but there is no reason to make beasts that much stronger than other stuff of the monster level they spawn in. I even could live with that, if I am not forced to fight them twice grouped with more beasts of similar strenght. Please have a close look, how beasts scale with the monster level and make it feel more like something of the same content. In particular, effective hitpoints and regeneration are dancing in the field of broken mechanic.
Speaking of fighting beasts in groups, capturing feels horrible if beasts spawns next to each other. We are forced to use area effects due to ridiculous add-mechanics and then we have to focus a regenerating tanky beast at the same time? No, thank you! This is getting even worse if beasts of different rarity are grouped and you have to net the lower rarity first due to lesser tankyness. Thanks to the highest-rarity-first mechanic there is noway to capture the beast of lower rarity if you are not able to separate it from the higher one (which is nearly impossible for beast with high mobility). Yet, it is better than capturing worthless add-beasts before patching highest-rarity-first mechanic in.
Also, throwing nets has no feedback if it fails for what reason ever. It regularly happens that the cooldown starts but no net is thrown. In a party, this gives team capturing an unpredictable chance of failure. Maybe there is a bug, maybe the beast is not ready to be captured, I can't tell but please give us a sound if no net is thrown but the cooldown has started.
Also, there is no feedback on how many beast I got of a specific type and how many I can capture till maximum. I saw a post show-casing a chat message on that, but instead we got another terrible on-screen messages.
Speaking of on-screen messages: I really like feedback in games but messages covering my vision that I need to interact with the game are a no-go. I have no idea, how this got past the testing. In particular, in first Acts you get spammed by so many new recipes that even clicking them away takes quite some time. Please make this messages optinal and also add an option for chat-only messages. I would love to learn all the new recipes when I find them but not while fighting mobs hidden by a message poping up during combat.

Beast drops - Jackpot! But why do I kill other stuff rather than beasts?
I usually never complain about too much loot, but in this case beast drops are that strong that map bosses feels like trash mobs. In maps even yellow beasts tend to drop uniques and spam more rare items than a lucky strongbox. I think that league content should be very present but not dominating like that. It is ok, if Beasts feels like a boss encounter but they shouldn't outrule everything else. The loot spam started in abyse and is continued in beastiary. This is not a good thing, since it make everything else feel less rewarding. For me, the beast crafting is rewarding enough. I don't need to fight tanky beast on crack dropping more loot than the remainded of the map. But I acknowledge that there are different oppinions on that particular topic.

The Menagery - Thank you for the large new hideout 2.0 but beside the altar there is nothing to interact with.
I mean, why do we get five instances on our own and then there is only Einhar and the altar to interact with. If there would be at least a way to manage the captured beasts, but just showing a non-customizable zoo of captured beast feels like a lot of dev effort for little return on game experience. I would love to be able to manage my beast (i.e. delete beasts) and put hideout decorations around. Accually, I visited all areas once and then never again.
In particular, there should be access to the stashes next to Einhar. There is a lot of wasted (loading) time due to stash-interaction in a different area.

The Besteriy - Where did that beast go I just caputed? What beast do I need next? How many beast I already got on my favorite recipe? How much spots are left till maximum?
Hoenstly, I have no clue, if I do not write down the stuff on a post-it next to my screen after looking up all the details with that non-intuitivy Beastiary. Searching helps a little but you have to know what you are looking for, plus searching is useless if you need to know how many beast are have left to craft a recipe. Please give us numbers showing how many of which type we have or at least how many times we can use a recipe. Having numbers and recipes on different screens is a missconception in layout. Layout should be design for usage! It requires loots of time looking up what type of beast I should farm and if you are not willing to learn all the categories and sub-categories and which beast they contain, you are literally lost.

The Altar - Again the Bestiary issues and then a pitfight with a group a beasts on crack...
I really liked the concept when it was announced, but fighting a tanky group of beast spawning adds in that small arena with no obstacle to take cover and trick mobs feels like nonsense. I already proved that I am able to kill it and now I have to kill it again? Ok, I can deal with that but if you give the meta builds the necro nets then please give all the other builds a areana where they can fight the beast like on a real map, i.e. with obstacles and enough space to both over come the weaknesses of your build and outmaneuver the mobs. Even boss areana have more space and obstacles and they are most the time less dangerous. The beasts captured in the maps already feel overpowered if allone and in the arena they are just hell on earth, which would be ok, if your build is able to handle beast in close range more easily. Yet, I have to adit that I can kill them in the arena most of the time but the fights are even more exausting and lengthy then when capturing the beasts. There is too much effort for the little reward in return. This is a question of ballancing the fights to the reward offered and not to the equipment of builds instant killing map bosses.

Thank you for reading and please, GGG, take the time to have a look at these (and other) before implementing Beastiary into the core game. At the current state, I would rather ignore it then dealing with it again. There is so much potential in Beastiary. Most of the potential dies due to ballancing issues and cluncy usage/UI.
Let's explore new playstyles - Play it your own way, not just like the others.
Quality management is one of the most underrated success factors in every business...
^ good read, Synopse, thanks. :-) I've been arguing against Bestiary in the core game, or at least with radical changes to make it less of a clusterf*ck.

Shagsbeard wrote:
Still wont play this league so long as nets are part of it. If they make it to core, I'll be looking for other games.

You need to realize... I'm not of the mind that "it's just one space" is a reason to put up with something. One space here... one space there. Next league might need two more, we'll see. Maybe 2x2. Why not? It's only 4 spaces.

Not going to go with that future, and if that's not the future... why the hell is it acceptable at the present? Answer: It's not.

This is a two-week necro quote for emphasis. As we get closer to the end of Bestiary, now that we're past the half way point, I'd like to remind GGG of the backlash they're getting over the league.

You have customers like me who've changed their opinion of the league over time. I first supported you during the launch of this league and was willing to try things, as the concept was exciting and an interesting divergence from the status quo. But after struggling to enjoy this league, I'm only more frustrated and POed at the whole thing.

Bestiary is an awkward and discouraging set of content and mechanics that ultimately detracts from the gaming experience of PoE. And when you add the horrid Quality Assurance of this release, it amplifies the pain exponentially.
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I sold all the nets my SSF Bestiary ED Occultist was carrying. At this points beasts with essences in them are loot pinatas and that's it.

Bestiary is too complicated to bother with, from my perspective.
Now that prestige classes will finally leave lab in 4.0, will GGG get it right this time or will they find new ways to repeat old mistakes?
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