A Quick Note About Nets

How rare is the bread and butter.

Because I gotta tell you, if I'm forced to run shaped vaults sextant blocked out the asshole with a bisco's just to participate in this god forsaken vorici mission league then I'm going to be pretty fucking out of here quick, unless you decide to pump up the fucking droprates on bisco's, but that's unlikely.

Even then I'm probably out of here, no god damn way I'm leveling zana to 8 in another fucking league. 100% fucking tired of it.
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Chris, buddy. You made 3 factually inaccurate statements.

Nets _are not_ like flasks, they are the complete opposite of flasks.

edit The content in this league, is yet again, opt-in.

The reason for 10 nets is that they don't want you getting burned out on using nets on act 1-5 mobs and not even try to net stuff past a certain where net fatigue has set in.

This is a really bad psychological ploy to get people to play into end-game "we made the rally gooder nets only droping in rally gooder areas, you no need using badder nets, at all".

It's like layers of opt-in. Sad.
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Question, are they "upgradable" by selling thru a vendor? If we vendor x3 of the same tier = next tier net, like flask?
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Can we fish with the nets?
Can you explain how a summoner/ KB/TS/ ED will handle this cause we clear 1 screen away almost all the time .

If you have enough dps even rare mobs will die before you trow the net?

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Sounds good -- I'm not even worried about it, know you guys will tweak stuff as needed during the course of the league. Looking forward to next Friday. :}
I'm honestly almost speechless at the design decisions involved in this. Nets are NOTHING like flasks, other than that most flasks are completely useless and never thought of again past the levelling stage of the game. Most players use nothing other than a life flask, mana flask and three movement speed flasks when levelling regardless. Flasks are also persistent once you have them, you don't need to pick more of them up after every single use.

Nets in the correct context here as an analogy are just Scrolls of Wisdom. Only what the team have done here is force 10 tiers of these new Scrolls of Wisdom on us as a currency item and then gate them behind RNG drops in order for us to start a beast capture encounter. Then as an extra layer of crap to deal with in this Big Mac of a horrible decision-burger, we have to dedicate an extra hotkey to use it too, once we have selected the tier of net we have to use?

How on earth did a group of people talk this through and not only think it was a good idea, but also then propose "gee whiz, not only is this a great idea, let's tie it to a Vorici-mission mechanic to make it all work!!!!".

Isn't the point of adding new content that your trying to engage players, not run them off? It seems as if this is a combination of the worst parts of the last 3 leagues and the most despised game mechanic from the Masters group.

I'm dead-set someone from Reddit about two months ago in a thread about how terrible the Masters levelling process was, started memeing about how GGG was going to notice their discussion and then build a whole league around the Vorici mission, too. I had a laugh at the time, but even the most sadistic of users couldn't have expected this.
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Does this mean we now have a reason to do The Great White Beast on a level appropriate character? will it still complete the quest if we catch the beast instead of killing it?
Will The Weaver still drop Maligaro's Spike if you catch her instead of killing?

Thanks in advance for answering these
Draqu1986 wrote:
Can you explain how a summoner/ KB/TS/ ED will handle this cause we clear 1 screen away almost all the time .

If you have enough dps even rare mobs will die before you trow the net?

^this and same for totems
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Sounds pretty good actually

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