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Good explanation. Thanks
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I feel like the whole net mechanic would feel a lot better and less controversial if it was a non-consumable equipment item, you get to upgrade through beastcrafting itself. Say Einhar or whats-his-face gives you a crappy ol' net on Act 1 that you use Act 1 creatures to upgrade into the tier 2 version, which requires Act 2 monsters to upgrade to tier 3 and so on and so forth.

I feel this would really mitigate all this backlash, while giving players a sense of progression and a reason to kill/capture monsters they would normally skip to rush to maps and also remain in the theme of the league. Just make sure the net is not character bound like Pantheon upgrades, so people don't complain about the tedium of having to go through all that stuff again every time they wanna make a new character.
Love the fresh idea GGG. Should make it feel like a truly different league for those willing to engage with the mechanic.
Tyty :)
consumable nets, no thx.
this is talisman league all over again (get 5x of each item x, put them on the altar, do a fight that won't give you much XP, get items that are worthless, because everyone has them + buy more nets with the vendor return).
so next to buying red maps, we also have to buy nets, in order to actually engage in the mechanic late game. pls, no :(

(the best strategy is already to just skip the league mechanic, play fast, farm currency, and buy the damn items you need.)
Another quintuple-stacked RNG league mechanic. I don't give a shit about 'end game spirit beasts' because I'll never see them, like I nearly never saw the rarer Lich this league.
Nice one, both this post and the Bestiary FAQ were very informative and helpful. Personally I'm really excited for Bestiary league, looking forward to trying the Beastcrafting. I don't think the way nets are acquired will be an issue, if they were unlimited use then it could potentially ruin some of the fun, almost making it too easy and consequently less rewarding.

I understand concerns about how certain builds will interact with the capture process (spectres, totems, etc) and I think they are valid concerns but as we haven't played it ourselves yet we will have to wait and see, I'm sure you will keep an eye on things and adjust it as required.

Finally I've got to say, good on you all for all the hard work you put into developing the game. I see a lot of complaints posted on Reddit and in the forums, obviously some are valid but there's also a few that just seem like kids throwing a tantrum because things aren't tuned or balanced exactly how they like them. Ignore these people (the tantrum ones that is, nothing wrong with constructive criticism), they are toxic and likely don't appreciate or understand how much hard work it is to constantly develop and balance a game. So yeah... bit of a rant at the end there... roll on next Friday 8pm! HYPED!!
I like the concept of the league in general. it teaches you about monster types - which is inherently a good thing in a game where now most mobs feel like goo made to be roflstomped.

I like the idea of crafting and I like the netting idea, even if its pokemon-ish

its also a nice departure from the usual 'moar mobs more density and more quantity' which feeds into itself is a surefire ticket to a bursting bubble, ie moar power creep

so, it has the making of the best league for me since prophecy
Being a slow player I don't have much of a problem with this but... How will summoners stop our mobs from murdering every monster?
Thank for post

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