New Divination Cards

So, I was just messaged a picture of my card's artwork in a Discord I'm in and - I kid you not - screamed like a little girl over how happy I am with it, that I had to come here and see it officially myself.

I'm absolutely over the moon with Blessing of God finally being implemented! The artwork is exactly what I envisioned and I can't wait to get a set of it in-game!

Thank you GGG for being patient with me through the design process, for the artwork and for letting me try something out of the box with the idea. :D

I'm giddy and need to lie down.

EDIT: Thank you everyone for the feedback of the card too! I'm reading through them and it's putting a massive smile on my face. :D
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Very nice. Not only useful, but the artwork is great. I particularly like 'The Puzzle' and 'Blessing Of God' simply because of how informative the artwork is as to what the set grants. I also like how the two of them have more simple backgrounds so they are easy to distinguish from all the others.
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Awesome artworks on these cards, great GGG.
Covetous7483 wrote:
Starforge card tho, really? Hopefully it only drops in the Shaper's Realm or from Uber Elder..

Well, you didn`t exactly see Atziri Disfavour cards droppin everywhere, pretty sure one of them only drops in Hall of Grandmasters so don`t them to be easy drops
People act like prices are going to plummet LOL Disfavor was still fine with the card in even though the whole effort of it was basically wasted because Atziri isn't worth doing most of the time still.
I am the Alpha and Omega
Can`t wait for the Elder/Shaper ilvl85 Vagan weapon cards.

At least just to make any mirrorable weapon obsolete and piss the standard girls
I_NO wrote:

Just got 3 grand guess what I'm going to do with it? Make 3 cards while I eat steak.



Pleasures of money fuck yeah

( As soon as I decide on what to do anyway )

btw map paradise guy that isn't possible unless a creator specifically makes a map for untainted paradise so until than it can't be done.

well unless someone actually tries there is no way to know, as it is unique. It appears in the game naturally, just does not have an item attached to it. If they would make it, would be cool if could only drop in UP maps, heh
Give us leaguestones pls :)
Moridin79 wrote:

Edit: first :D

this guy is a dumb ass. have a nice day
The Game deserved this , Breach also .So right to the poin T

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