Wings and Back Attachments Multisale

weifengshui wrote:
Can wings be stacked with cloaks? Like equipped simultaneously

No they both use the same slot in the Cosmetics window (press K).
How long till the next fishing rod mtx sale?
Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't new mtx added to the shop have a grace period of 1 month before they can go on sale?

Anyhow, nice sale. Can't wait for weapon effect sale so I can finally buy that Seraph Sword that I've been waiting for forever.
Cool sale!

Still no alternative for Xsolla :(

Still no update about a timeline for an alternative to Xsolla :(

Sorry GGG, no sale from me this weekend :(
Wings are awful. No exile in their right mind would go in to battle with such encumbering contraptions strapped to them. They also look highly flammable.
AWESOME !!! :)
Brand new Cloaks on sale, so soon, awesome!
55 points short for gloom wings :/
if only gloom wings would have the physics of fire and ice's one if not the best back attachment mtx in my opinion but i just cannot use it because of how clunky it looks when moving :(

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