Wings and Back Attachments Multisale

All these MTX's is all fine and dandy if the game was actually playable.


Go to your technical section of the forum, "Severe FPS drops post 3.1" and posts alike.

16,4k views and 200 replies, no comment from GGG.

Address the important things like all these performance issues, I've been playing POE for a long time and really like the game, but I'm out if this isn't fixed and from reading the posts, a lot more is going to quit which will ofc result in less mtx for you..

Best regards
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No actually, welcome to F2P games with being micromanaged money schemes....have fun with that, people like YOU asked for it, so I am laying back laughing my ass off.
What an awesome sale *-* Take the money I don't have xD
"Poor fish-wife."
"Oops, clumsy me!"
Was waiting for a sale on these, but wow cosmetics are really expensive in this game even on sales.

In other games I am a frequent customer and buy stuff monthly, but here I will not buy anything other than some stash tabs.

Full sets cost as much or more than my monthly heat and electricity bills...

I understand that they cater to people from countries with much better median salary, but these prices are a little over the top still

So far this is the only game where I feel buying some cosmetics monthly to support the company is just out of the question

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