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With leech jewel you shouldn't use warlord's mark curse, as I understand.
I switched to flammability + ele weakness, so PCOC is needed anyway.
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RawDamage wrote:
With leech jewel you shouldn't use warlord's mark curse, as I understand.
I switched to flammability + ele weakness, so PCOC is needed anyway.

i use ele weakness & assasin's mark coz it helps me with regen aswell and i can't use warlord's mark because of the strenght req.
You don't have to use leveled warlord's mark. Use level wich fits you gear.
But anyway, this build uses elder leech jewel, and with it you can get rid of warlord's mark
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I'm doing this build as witch in Bestiary league because I can't afford the pressence of chayula and the watcher's eye they are like 5-15ex each one, but I'm feeling like I have enough damage to kill any boss under t13 in 20seg~, I spend 4 skill points for a 3º curse for warlords mark flammability and elemental weakness (I still have to kill Uber itzaro I'm just lazy) but I think I don't have enough life leech so I don't know what to do to improve this build and be a bit more tanky

This are my items.

Stats at lvl 76

- 6699 Energy Shield
- 80 unreserved Mana
- 3.5aps
- like 40k for each volatile dead + 5k frenzy + 5k unearth
Auras HoA Anger Discipline Artic Armour PoL

What should I do to improve my build and being a bit more tanky or have a bit more tankyness?
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Dude can you help me my aps only 2.4/also bad resistance/And wht me need first to change??Plz help me
I Have good witcher eye gem(1.44 life leach from fire and 22es gain shield from discipline)-but still die from trash/Mb me need change some gems or something else?
What wrong with my char?
This my char --- https://ru.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/%D0%A0%D0%B5%D0%B9%D0%B4%D0%BE%D0%B2%D1%8B%D0%B9/characters
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Just fix your tree, you have gear that is like 20x more expensive in relation with my gear and i can kill t16 with no problems

your tree is pure Pain to see, you specct into life, but we go Low life and Elemental Overload is also Bad for a real critbased charakter

with that much currency in my charakter i could maybe steamroll shaper. Just compare your skilltree with the Guide authors. I am not even sure if the Helmet works with Poet's Pen so well
which build variant should I try? I'm thinking witch but I'm still debating, any guidelines? cuz for bossing the dual curse is meh.
Just came back after a long hiatus and found this build. Got lucky with a currency drop on my other character (big ole lv28) and decided to give this a go. Ultra early, but I gotta say, leveling this is hilariously simple.

Thanks for posting this build, its much appreciated and I look forward to gearing it out. Hopefully there's enough time left in the league.
Can i do a bladefall/glacial cascade with this?
I have a question for anyone who may be able to answer.

Until I can get the extremely expensive Watcher's Eye w/ the fire to life mod for leech, are there any budget or on-tree options I can pick up while leveling/farming? I'm in the low 50's right now and it's not an issue at the moment, but I can tell it *will* be at some point - not having any real leech.

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