Path of Exile Talent Competition 2018

Made a couple abyss jewels out of perler beads.


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My humble share , If I win share a photo with the artist receiving the prize (?)
Wise words buff -> balance <- nerf , need to happen , deal with it
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SunL4D2 wrote:
HellMagik666 wrote:
Hello guys! This is my submission, a fan art based on the unique item 'Jack the Axe' designed by XvXReaperXvX -

Back Story -

This is the back story he made for it and it was awesome! So I decided to give Jack an appearance before he got turned into a talking axe. Enjoy!!

That's pretty badass.

Thanks! glad you enjoy it xD
i put a lot of work into this xd

hope u gais enjoy

For my submission, A small 9cm by 6cm foam model of the Ice portal.

I had fun making this and admiring the work put into this. Although this isn't a perfect recreation I still did my best and I think that is the most important thing. Although this might not win anything, I like it.

qbatronix wrote:
Evillmon wrote:

This picture took a part in competition in 2011. You can find it in this topic (3rd post in 25 page) It was made by user LilyVanilli

this is shameful
Poe Pvp experience
Alright, This is WIP, but I wanted to post a teaser for this Templar. It's design is an amalgamation of all the chain mail unique sets into one. Been working on it for about a couple days and going full out on it.

Hey guys! Here is my entry based on War for the Atlas.

When I decided to start working about The Elder VS The Shaper, have read the lore deeper,
and I've been fascinated by the part which tells especially about the Shaper and his daughter.
So he was once a good father who loves his daughter, and chose to protect her by throwing everything.
It's very sad story :(

I'm glad to include them in my work, hope you'll like it!

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