Path of Exile Talent Competition 2018

Here's my entry -- an original POEM for POE. I hope you like it.

The Paragon's "final journal entry"

In the gloom
of her kiss,
with the salt-water sand...
arises the witch,
from the Twilight Strand.

She stepped from the sea.
it penetrates for miles!
With COLD in her veins,
a wand still remains.
Her lips now surrender a smile.

Dark magic
is molding her!
flames have...restored in her!
...and she's LOST in its hold for a while.

Where Siren's Daughters...
entice marauders...

...path of exile.

With a glow
in her eyes,
and the stealth of a cat...
a zombie's demise
in the blood, Mud Flats

For chupacabra...
her candlelabra...
illuminates and chills.
blue mana...haunts her
but who is the monster?
a beast...or a beauty that kills?

Ice Novas
are chilling them! killing them!
Her Frost Wall's a frozen denial.

Elemental deluge...
the spellbook is huge!

...path of exile

With Merveil...
the Caverns are free
of venomous spiders
in that green algae

All enemies yield.
that energy shield...
impregnable it seems.
Her Temporal Chains Curse
so cold and perverse --
like darkness in dreams.

With each whim...
skill gems...combinable,
the witch floats away with a smile.

Hoping it MAY last...
out here in Wraeclast...

...path of exile
Here is my entry - a musical interpretation of the labyrinth exterior theme. The video is long, but the song itself is only a few minutes (it loops while I run a labyrinth.)
My Entry

The Young Vorici


Chibi Vorici

The Mistress of Corruption
My previous entry (a musical interpretation of the labyrinth exterior theme) but in 8-bit. Video is way shorter too.
Evillmon wrote:

This picture took a part in competition in 2011. You can find it in this topic (3rd post in 25 page) It was made by user LilyVanilli
"the marauder" Dwayne Johnson

Ign: ThatManWithTheBow
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A sad poem with a twist ending :P

In exile am so alone

I have no life am just a pawn

To currency am so drawn

Waiting for monsters in the spawn

Diving in the abyss to the unknown

I got one shot it is a higher zone

By the lich I got thrown

Need more hp let farm the throne

I don't bleed am a slayer cyclone

Back to maps am like a drone

Grinding 24/7 no drops my mind is blown

Oh Kadaka forgive my sins am here to atone

One more map am like a stone

OHHHHHH it a mirror do you hear my moan!

Hello everyone! Here is my entery for this event :P did ''Modern-ish Shaper''. Took about 4-5 hours to draw. hope you like it. Scanned one is here and here is photo from my phone :

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My 2nd entry for poe contest , The elder vs The shaper

Full resolution in my DA

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