Jack The Axe (2nd Unique Idea)

The Story Of Jack the butcher

Jack was a butcher by trade and a damn good one at that. You see, Jack was the fastest and strongest butcher in all the land. He could cleave a rhoa in half with a single swing of his axe and turn its still warm flesh in to a feast within minutes.

The locals of Sarn feared him. Not because of his skill, but because of the way he insisted on only harvesting living beasts. Jack enjoyed the kill more then any other part of his job, he craved the slaughter.

One night after a long day at the slaughter house, Jack sat, panting on a barrel, Axe still in hand, dripping with blood.

Jack was ready to leave. He had killed more beasts that day then any other and He was covered head to toe in the blood of each one of them. But before he could catch his breath for the long walk through the city, he heard a voice.

"This is not what you crave" Said the voice.

Jack sprung up and gripped his axe tight, ready to strike.

"Yes, That's it. That is what you crave" said the voice.

Jack looked all around him, there was no one there. "Show yourself" Yelled Jack. No answer. Jack sat down again, thinking that he was going insane. There was no one around after all..

Jack caught is breath and headed out the door.

It was a cold night in Sarn. The streets where as dark as they had ever been as Jack made his way through the winding outskirts of the city.

There was no one in the streets this late, people knew better then to venture outside while it was dark. But jack was not worried, as he was one of the scariest things in the city in his mind.

As he made it closer to his shack he heard it again, The voice was back!

"Come down this way jack, i will show you what you crave".

The voice was coming from a near by street. By far the least lit street in town.

"I'm going to gut you fool!" Yelled jack as he ran in to the street.

The street was empty. Again Jack could not see anyone. This made Jack very uneasy.
"Show yourself coward!" Jack yelled. Nothing, Once again there was complete silence.

Frustrated, angry and tired. Jack turned away from the street to set out once again to his shack.

"Where do you think your going?" The voice said.

It was coming from behind him. Jack spun around just in time to glace at a hooded figure as it reached out and touch his head.

The moment the cold long hand had made contact, Jack was brought to his knees in agony. His head was burning like the hottest fires.

"I will show you what you crave" Said the voice once more".

Jack got up from his knees, although he was no longer in control. He was trapped in his own mind and only able to see what horrors he was about to do.

"See these houses Jack? I want you to pay them a visit."

Jack moved slowly to the first house, Knocked on the door and then entered.

No sound came from the house, as Jack did what he did best. There was no time for his victims to scream. As fast as he killed the beasts, he killed the residents.

There where 8 houses in the street, each one visited that night.

By the time he had reached the last house he realized he had complete control of body back. But he did not care. He entered the last house and did as he had with every other.

By morning the street was full of "unusable parts", puddles of blood and skin hanging from posts.

Jack was done.

The hooded man appeared in front of Jack. To tired to move, unable to strike. Jack just stood there.

"Is this what you crave?" Said the hooded figure.

Jack looked at his hands. They where dripping with blood..

Jack looked up and said his last mortal word, "Yes".

The hooded figure once again placed its hand apon Jack. Jack let out a scream that would be the first sound the street had heard all night.

Jacks bones began to break, his flesh ripping of his body and falling to the ground.

Jack gripped his axe tighter then he ever had. His veins ripping from his arm and wrapping around the hilt.

This continued until there was nothing left but a pile of flesh, bone and a oddly shaped axe.

The hooded figure picked the axe up and vanished from sight.

So begins the story of Jack the Axe.



So that's a real rough back story for my 2nd unique. Jack the Axe, a Blood thirsty talking axe. Forgive my for any grammer mistakes or whatever. Writing was never my strong point.

So Jack the Axe will be the first talking weapon to be released in PoE.

Currently says:
1. "I am the pain"
2. "Im thirsty"

Id like to add:

3. "Rip, Tear, Shred!"
4. "Give me BLOOD!"
5. "Die, Die, DIE!"
6. "Your Blood Fuels me Exile!"
Edit: 7. "Stop standing around!, I want BLOOD!" (This only plays when exile is inactive for 1 minute)

See: http://youtu.be/mjHfjJJZ2Ww

Voice Acting For first 2 lines starts at the 1 min mark.

Do you guys have any ideas of what else he could say? or anything you could add to the back story?


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Sounds awesome, i just hope jack the axe doesnt talk as much as my girlfriend.
"Hands up, kiddies, who wants to die?"

"Cut the flesh, break the bone!"

"Flay them... Flay them all."

"We got a gusher over here!"

"They call me the Gornomancer!" (okay, I just wanted to type Gornomancer, really...)

Anyhow, backstory, backstory. You pretty much have it all there. I'll come back to that in a minute. Gotta make some coffee, gotta boot my brain up, lesse what we's can do.
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Really nice read :)

As for the axe:

"I need MORE!"

"You cannot hide from me!"

"Death is close..."

"There will be pain..."

"Lambs to the slaughter."
Take care out there.
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"Now its coward killing time!"
"I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass... and I'm all out of bubblegum."

Really awesome love the story also
entomogant wrote:
"Now its coward killing time!"
"I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass... and I'm all out of bubblegum."


i Laughed so hard!
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"Bullshit, you get the game for free." - Qarl 2014
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Lagruell wrote:
Really nice read :)

As for the axe:

"I need MORE!"

"You cannot hide from me!"

"Death is close..."

"There will be pain..."

"Lambs to the slaughter."

I like em, "You cannot hide from me" would fit well
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"Bullshit, you get the game for free." - Qarl 2014
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Okay, back story. I'll go with what you laid out, change it to how I would have written it, and you well, do with that what you will ;-). It's just my retelling of what you came up with after all.

There once was a man who called himself Jack. He grew up in the city of Sarn - a city bustling with activity, with a thousand smells and ten thousand voices. Jack was a butcher by trade, a good one at that. None could match him in speed when it came to killing his cattle and making it into meat.

Jack did not like the city much. Too loud, to crowded, too much hustle and bustle. Jack liked the silence. And he spent more and more time in the wilds, hunting Rhoa. First, it was for meat.
But in time, he found that what he really relished was the feeling when his axe chopped through thick skin, through sinew and gristle and bone and meat. When his blade dripped with red, red blood and the screeching of the Rhoa was finally silenced.

And the people of Sarn grew fearful of him. He ventured out before dawn, no-one seeing him leaving, only to come stomping into town with the finest cuts of meat fresh for the market, dripping blood and not bothering to wash it off. Rumours abounded how he was seen hacking the unusable parts of the corpses into fine paste. Still, they bought from him. Nobody could match his goods for quantity nor quality.
But no-one spoke more than necessary to him, and Jack liked it that way. It sounded all too much like the cawing of Rhoa to him lately.

And one day, he did not come to market like usual. He had become so caught up in his slaughter that he had forgotten time. When he finally came home late at night, still sprayed with darkened blood, bits of brain and bone, he felt exhausted. Flakes of spilled life drifted off of him as he walked the dark, blessedly silent streets, his heavy cleaver in hand, muscles pleasantly aching from the day's work.

"This is not what you crave, is it?"
Jack spun around, axe already swinging wildly.
A chuckle from the dark.
"Yes. This is what you crave."
Gripping his cleaver tighter, Jack peered into the darkness: "Show yourself, coward!"
A second chuckle seemed to goad him a ways away.
"No, I will show your self."
"Do not play games with me, fool!" snarled Jack into the darkness, his steps following the voice.
A shape stepped out from the darkness. Jack, frustrated and tired, lashed out.
The heavy edge whistled through the air, finding nothing.
The voice mocked "Come now, Jack, I will show you what you are made for."
With a coarse bellow, Jack fell into a trot. He felt like he was hunting a particularly irksome Rhoa. He would silence it, thought he, getting giddy with anticipation.
Another shape was released from the darkness. Snarling, Jack cut at it, laying his whole body into the strike.
The man had not even time to be surprised. Jack cut through him in a single blow and with a horrible sound. Bones breaking, skin ripping, flesh rending and maybe Jack breathing. Then a thump. Then blessed silence.
Jack did not care for the life he had just taken when he saw what he had done. He felt elated, better than he had in years. This was what he was born to do.
"This is what you are, Jack" the voice whispered.
And Jack nodded. His gaze found the next house, full of living prey he had to take care of.
"You know what to do" teased the bodiless voice.
No sound came from the street for the next few hours as jack made his way from house to house. He was quick, he was efficient, he had purpose.

And then there was no house left. Jack stood in the street, dawn still hours away. "And now?" he challenged the darkness. "What shall I kill next?"

The darkness answered: "We will show you..."

And Jack saw. He lifted his cleaver with his mighty arms, covered from head to toe in gore, bloody chunks of meat hanging in his hair, clinging to his skin. And the cleaver fell towards Jack.

And when Jack was done, there was not much left but a pile of meat and the blood-covered axe.

And a figure stepped out of the shadows, picked up the still sharp axe and examined it. It was oddly shaped, sinew wrapping around it and pieces of bone worked into it. Then it held it up to its head and said amicably: "Hello, Jack."

And thus began the story of Jack, the Axe.
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Some more quotes:

"Another day, another corpse."
"There is killing to do."
"I'm gonna paint this place red!"
12/12/12 - the day Germany decided boys are not quite human.

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