Path of Exile Talent Competition 2018

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Remember, my friend, that the expectation leads to disappointment. So don't expect anything from anyone, even from yourself.
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Hello this is my submission
The picture shows a templar Inquisitor spark build that I have been playing this league
Here's the link

More of my silly art at

Hope you like it!
I would love a third or even more contendent into the War for the Atlas, so I add this one, the art is not mine, I just modified It. Hope you like this Godlike nature elemental, trying to kick out The Elder and The Shaper :D

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1/2 Necrotic 1/2 Demon King drawing

I have an idea for comic strip but i cannt draw. Well i draw like shit. So im gonna drop this idean and amyone there that can draw make it a try :)

Poe map, lets say dominus fight. Mobs, mini bosses, etc. and in the middle Scion within Cyclone tornado. Slashing and killing like You know how. And inside tornado in her mind she is performing a balley. And within tornado she actually dances balley. Fight is formwarding, Dominus came and then another skipp - in her mind she performes that balley for Dominus. Piety told us about that.

And grande finale bam - she kills Dom within the same figure as dance ended.

Enjoy :)
I had some time off work and thought I would have a go at baking something POE related for this event. This was my first time making anything that wasn't just a standard cupcake or muffin - and I had heaps of fun. So without further ado I present my entry - Chaos Orb Cake!

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Conversations atop a Cathedral

Two figures sit at the edge of a roof, looking out towards the nearby docks, surrounded by damage and destruction, each staring silently out to sea with their weapons and armour discarded in two small piles nearby. They pass a bottle between them, each taking a swig and handing it back to the other in a quiet ritual that sits incongruously with their surroundings. The first a woman, slender and strong, with a wisp of short white hair and the other a young man with an unsuitably flamboyant shirt and a mop of flowing black locks.

After taking another swig of the bottle they share, the woman sighs and, without looking over at her counterpart, asks with a sense of resignation;

“What next?”

“How do you mean?” he turns to look at her inquisitively,

“Well, we saved the world but they’ll only break it again; I just wonder ‘what next?’. How will they break the world next?” she passes the bottle back to him, glancing only briefly over before gazing back out at the water.

“Maybe they won’t this time.” He suggests hopefully more than anything,

“Ha!” she scoffs, “maybe they’ll learn not to mess with things they don’t understand…” she looks at him ruefully, “but I doubt it. After all, how many times have we been here before?”

He shrugs noncommittally, so she continues.

“First they want us to kill Dominus, then suddenly we need to kill Malachai too, then it turns out we needed ‘The Beast’ to stop Kitava from being summoned from some Oriathan idiot trying to bring the world to its knees! Along the way, what else is there? Some old guy tells us to kill some bandits and when we turn our backs his good-for-nothing pal goes off and becomes something even worse! Did any of them think what happens in the void left by all these people they make us execute? Of course not! That’s why they end up shacking up with giant crab kings and spider goddesses.” She sighs, more violently this time, “I despair of them all, I really do.”

“I suppose they think they are doing what’s best for their people?” he doesn’t sound convinced of this himself.

“More to the point,” she continues almost having not heard him, “why do we have to do it all for them? Is it just so they have someone else to blame when it inevitably goes wrong?”


“I’m convinced it’s all those two old blokes’ master plan somehow; Eramir & Tasuni!”

“I doubt it, they’re just bumbling fools.”

“Well, they have a portion of the blame they need to accept, the way I see it. If they weren’t meddling, maybe Greust and Kira wouldn’t have ended up flirting with the gods and getting killed for it. That being said, those two were always a bit off, y’know? Very holier-than-thou. Up their own you-know-what.”

He stifles a laugh, knowing he probably shouldn’t be laughing at the dead.

“You know what I reckon will be next?” She asks, almost rhetorically

“Go on, then. Let’s hear it.” He’s not sure whether he’s humouring her now, he knows they all need to let of steam sometimes. This really is a terrible world to try and survive in.

“The Masters. They’re gonna go wrong. I bet you!”

“Wrong, how? They’re alright for the most part, aren’t they?”

“Sure, now they are. Think about it though; Vagan and Haku still worship Daresso and Kaom; Elreon is constantly preaching about his ‘God’ and all I can think is: ‘have you not noticed, all the gods are damned awful?’ Think how many others have been corrupted by gods above, below and beyond! How can he still think he and his god are any different?”

“I guess that is a bit ill-advised, all things considered.” He muses,

“You bet! Catarina? I mean, she’s undead with a creepy totem of dead bodies that’s always ‘hungry’. Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.”

“True.” He finds himself being more convinced by her wild theories as she goes on, ‘maybe we should lay off the rotgut’ he thinks to himself and puts the bottle down, out of reach.

“Think about it, how much more corruption can come spewing up from under the earth? What’s left that can turn against us? Them! It’ll happen one day and we’ll have to beat them and their awful gods back into sanity – as much as can be done here. They’ll turn into all the monsters of men they hate so much.”

“Like, corrupted Masters, you could say.” They’re both staring back out to sea again, suddenly sobered by the idea of it all.

“Yeah.” she echoes pensively, “Corrupted Masters.”
Following some of the comments I received on Facebook, I wanted to share the cupcakes I had made for my boyfriend's birthday (which was yesterday!).

Tabula cupcakes!

Original inspiration below:

Good luck everyone :)
IGN: DetectiveIcy
Hello! Here is my submission:

Lightbox in action:
More Colors:

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