Stories from Development: The Map System

Although the Map system as the game's end game is good, it is full of flaws.

The drop bonus for completing the maps is ridiculous. Practically no use if you do not complete 100 different maps.

And here, at least for me, the main problem: Why an End Game philosophy barred by the RNG? Many people get stuck on certain maps because the next maps simply do not drop. It's happening to me now, I have to combine 3 of the same map or buy from Zana.

You have to use the trade to advance on a map is bad. It's the end game of the game, it's for him to flow naturally and not to have to make trades and wait for an NPC to sell that map that you need.

This map dropping system is not ideal and I do not understand why they do not improve it. It is trying to bar the player's progress to the game's End Game for pure and simple developer fun. If it is fear that everyone can reach the most acclaimed tier of the Map as the guardians or the Shaper, let the fight against them speak for themselves. It is the struggle that has to be difficult and not the accessibility.

Putting the End Game of the game into the hands of the RNG is the worst possible decision.
I love doing maps......if they would just drop. STILL nothing above T10 THIS FAR INTO THE LEAGUE!

I have found more exalts than T10+ maps. Somethings not right.....
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Quite the interesting dev story this time. One of your guys' greatest assets has been the ability to stick to a vision without bowing down to any given section of the community who think they know what's best for the game. I do feel like this "content difficulty entitlement" has crept up again, mostly after how much harbinger broke the mapping system over it's back. So many people who joined around harbinger got the impression that it was how the mapping system should/is suppose to be are now getting hit by a brick wall while everyone else is continuing on the same as we always have been.

I suppose in the end, that is the problem with making hardcore content. It's always going to leave people out, and those people are always going to complain that they're not getting their participation award like in other (AAA) games. But then again, there's plenty of games for those people, and only one PoE for the rest of us. PoE is our gem, and I hope you all never falter from your goals.

Cheers to your vision and success, Chris & Co @ GGG.
Mapping has kept PoE as my main game going on 5 years now.

MiniMinhMo wrote:
Obtaining maps this time around is a lot more difficult compared to last League. I hope this can be improved for the future.
I agree sitting this one out . New maps are dropping average 3 to an old map trying get new maps using new maps I ran 3 an got a big fat 0 havent tried I have a ton of old maps that wont go into the new map tab its going take me awhile to free up the 29 tabs But Thanks for all the new maps
Bex_GGG wrote:

Having random level layouts, random monsters and random events that occur within those levels means that players can repeat the same content over and over without feeling the same level of repetition that they would if the area was exactly the same each time.


We needed to find a system that made players feel good about playing at the right level for their progression.


We called these items Maps, and arranged them in tiers that were harder and harder to achieve. If you were lucky and rolled your maps well, you would find higher-tier ones to challenge yourself on when you were ready. Their economic cost would mean that players would only play them when they had a reasonable chance of success.

How (if at all) have these statements evolved as development priorities over the past five years? And to what degree do you feel that the current iteration of the map system (War for the Atlas) fulfills these desires?

(Apologies for selectively picking just a few sentences out of the entire, very informative, post - I would be very interested to hear what your opinion on the current War for the Atlas system is, and how does it compare to the initial ideas introduced in Maelstrom of Chaos or "Maps v1.0".)
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The map and atlas system is really cool, especially compared to how it used to be. The map contents are the problem.

We still have maps that are trash compared to others of the same tier due to card drops, so your mentioning of "one best area that players have to repeat over and over" is exactly what the game has now. The new elder/shaper mechanic is interesting, but now that you've overly-nerfed the map drop rate, it's extremely unlikely to push them into red maps and actually have those maps unless you only unlock half of the red maps.
I love the map system in general but what I don't like is that I am unable to challenge myself. I'm too powerful for the maps that drop for me. Example, level 10 maps are pretty easy, but still a slight challenge, yet I have only ever found too. I end up running them then having to go back and run boring 6s and 7s and hope for better drops. Very frustrating.
Good read.
keep the good work up GGG!
The greatest tragedy in life is wasted talent.!
And remember exiles, good loot it's a illusion.
everyone bitching about map drops are doing something seriously wrong. haven't had a single issue. you're probably just spoiled by recent leagues like harbinger and legacy, if you know your shit then keeping up a map pool is easy, and has been since ascendancies and sextants were released.

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