Sucking the fun out of the game..

Look fellas, one of those poors we're always hearing about (laughs in exalts).
Completed 24 ChallengesArtaniz wrote:
I price in decimals , if lets say i have an item that has a base with a variance of 20-30 on a major stat ( this is just an example it could be any number any stat ) now lets say the low rolls are 1 EX at 20 , and 3 EX at 30 , im not going to post my 27 roll at 2 im going to post it at around 2.7EX .

Anyhow it does not matter and you would probably do well to remember different people enjoy different aspects of games and your angry rant wont change that .

or you can "just" sell the item for 2ex or 3ex. without caring about the %, most ppl just want that "X" stat for the build, they dont care about min/max rolls. i think this is want OP is trying to say.

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Uhm.. yeah.. not sure where I gave the impression that I want items to be traded for free or that I do not know how to trade :) I am all for the trading part of the game, it's just that.. my personal opinion on trading differs from the opinion of what seems to be the vast majority of other players, and that is perfectly fine. None of your comments can change that for me, we are simply not alike.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to post your replies. I was mainly referring to full time item flippers in comparison to the way I am trading. Nothing more than just a good old rant about my feelings toward people taking the trading part too seriously in a game, almost like a rigid business model. You don't have to be even remotely smart to do it, and most of the older players know everything about this flipping scheme, but seem to have gotten so accustomed to it that they are bashing anyone that speaks out about this subject.

I wrote another comment just a few posts before this one where I went a bit further as well, but it's rather long and boring

Oh, and in case a wannabe flipper reads this, and you are just itching to start up, by popular demand (as many people are really ok with it) here's how you could do it: first, underprice some items and wait for others to fall for your ingenious trap. Make sure to place yourself as AFK so that you do not seem unconspicuous, or simply ignore any requests for trade on your items. Now here comes the super fun part: some (mostly newer) players want to get rid of items fast by slightly underpricing them (below the selling value of your already underpriced item) so make sure to set some live notifications on the popular trading sites and then buy out any new items from unsuspecting victims. By all means, negociate the price down even further. Maybe there are also some bots that you could look into, or creating multiple accounts ;) re-sell the item at a price higher than your underpriced value and bask in the glory of those few chaos orbs you gained. Repeat until you have a full stash tab of currency at the end of the league and get those bragging rights. Congrats! You made it! Give yourself a pat on the back :)

PS: make sure that you always buy the new items that show up, otherwise some decent player might buy them and disgustingly enough.. they could even have fun with your missed opportunity :o God forbid you lose the control of the market for a second. The results would be simply disastruous!

Completed 17 ChallengesZac89 wrote:
Look fellas, one of those poors we're always hearing about (laughs in exalts).

:)) I was really amused by your comment :D Strangely enough this league worked out really nicely :D got a bisco's collar while leveling the first char in the league :D of course almost the lowest possible rolls: 100!!! IR and 53 IQ.. I shit you not. But.. dropped a divine on it and upped it to 106 IR and 96 IQ.. decent enough I'd say :D currently taking turns using it with my buddies depending on what build allows it. We always share our drops and it makes the whole experience a lot better. Of course, though I still do not have the currency level that I should have (as you can see, instead of playing the game, I am ranting on the forums XD), I am "rich" in helpful items and that is a win in my books

Also a 2 abyssal socket tombfist dropped about a week ago, so.. Good times :)

Cheers and have fun!
Completed 17 ChallengesZac89 wrote:
Look fellas, one of those poors we're always hearing about (laughs in exalts).

The rich will for a short time enjoy what they have, but for a long time pay the price in Hades. Was it worth it for cost of your soul?
Completed 17 ChallengesZac89 wrote:
Look fellas, one of those poors we're always hearing about (laughs in exalts).

I found this hilarious. I'm going to start saying that people try to haggle on items with fixed prices.
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Completed 22 Challengeskuddman wrote:
This is the usual occurrence of greed, just like in the real world. And it points to a more fundamental issue with GGG's wish for a free market. Because it is not really free.
In the real world, there would be the option to sanction deeds that are not accepted by society. So essentially, PoE economy is more like a perfect habitat for sharks.

True it become filled in pride and greed, many souls being lost while they play, same impact real world has on souls same thing can occur in virtual economy.
Just play budget builds.
But imo GGG want high prices on meta items to keep players busy with grinding orbs for those items and so keep the players in-game for longer /example: last league Lycosidae shield was almost vendor unique for those who dont use it or got it once, now less drop rate= 3ex+ price and its still meta and really good item/.
Also, things in-game are like in-real-life -players want to get rich, to have top tier stuff, get max profit from a deal...ofc its a game, here things could be different, but again -imo GGG find this way better for their goals, cuz once you do the endgame content you can get bored really fast if dont start a new char to try new builds.
The only way others can make the game less fun for you is, if you allow that happen. Pay less attention to what others are doing and more attention to your game, the stuff that makes the game fun, relaxing as you say.

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