Sucking the fun out of the game..

I actually kinda agree with the OP. I know a lot of people in other games that have in game markets that only play the game to build wealth without ever thinking about spending a damn dime. They have bottom of the barrel equipment to use on their own character and don’t even play the game. I don’t get it at all and it frustrates the shit out of me. I know everyone has different intrests and can play any game anyway they like but holy shit it just seems so fucking stupid to me. Go play virtual stock markets or hell the real market.
Some people enjoy the trading aspect of it more than the playing aspect. Getting .2 more exalts for a trade is as exciting for them as finding a new item or conquering a new map is for others.

While a few items are always priced fairly high each league (at least for those with limited playing time, the prices can seem high), the bulk of item prices almost trivializes the game - in terms of finding things. I do think GGG has worked trade availability into their expectations of how a character should be geared for a certain tier of mapping.

If you play in the current league, choosing a build whose gear isn't in high demand helps.

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CixDmg wrote:
Personal frustration/rant incoming.

Why are items being sold for absurd amounts of currency? A lot of people are so focused on squeezing every "penny" out of an item, pricing it with decimals even.. (Example: 1.2 Exalted orbs) Why do this? What do you gain? .2 Exalted orbs converted in Chaos? Good for you, bro!

I play to have fun and relax, not to become "rich" by exploiting others. People should want to buy an item to make a fun build, key word - "fun". Thanks for denying it to us, item flippers.. I think the majority of people playing are not streamers and have a daytime job, thus grinding is not an option for them. I can barely find a few exalts each league (if lucky).

Most of the items I sell are not even priced. If someone needs it, whatever they offer, I accept. I even trade stuff for other items (non-currency) - I believe this was the intended result GGG had in mind.

Most frustrating part is that a lot of people doing so are not even re-investing this currency within the game. There is no value added to their trade. At the end of the league, they have tremendous amounts of currency on them, that they simply will never use. There is no achievement or benefit to be gained from doing so.

I do understand the fact that if something is very rare, it has an implicit value (same as crypto-currencies), but guys, this is JUST a game, you gain nothing.

I am not addressing this to people that are selling items in order to get currency for a new build - that is called "being normal", but if you are doing this just to be "rich", you are not getting the point at all.

I hope more people feel the same way about this. If not, then there's something definitely wrong with the community.


I agree to many people are greedy, like you I want to hold to righteous morals. I tell you brother for you show potential for Light, that the hour soon comes the world is divided and their will be two timelines one for righteous and one for unrighteous, the unrighteous into a timeline of selfishness and darkness, the righteous into a timeline of selfless and light.

There is a price for being greed and selfish which if people knew that price would not be so, but such as they are kept blind until it is too late. Anyone who disagrees with what you said is in themselves counted with the selfish.
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By their fruits so shall they be known, woe unto the soul who is comfortable getting rich at expense of others, who defends their own greed and pride, for hour will come that they reap as they have sown, and the greed and pride of denizens of darkness will come upon them in harvest and take their share out of their misery and fear.
1 exalt = 90c
0.5 exalts = 45c
0.2 exalts = 18c

Its not that hard. Basically complaining that something is worth 18c more, lmao
The rant, in and of itself, has merit in certain details. The points are true - it is merely a game, the currency is ultimately meaningless (unless you are illegally RMT-ing it), and in the end all our endeavors are but dust in the wind.

Now through all the see-you-next-Tuesday-ish, judgy responses, some poignant truths follow: one person's trash is another person's treasure.

Enough clichés?

But, yeah, some people judge their success in this game/league with how many mirrors/exalts they have when it is done, some with if they've killed Shaper/Elder, some with a level 100 character, etc etc. And supply/demand runs any free market economy, so with these myriad goals your Xanadu of charity and cheap swapping of high "cost" items is unattainable.

I would recommend maybe joining or creating a guild of like-minded people to create your own microcosm made in your image within the game. (Caveat - be prepared to be exploited by all the dicks on the internet who sneak into your circle, take what they need and leave).
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Please more arguments for troll (OP).
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This is simply beautiful.

Normally I would not step in, but it seems that some of you missed my point and this is because some people cannot get past a phrase that is not in line with their beliefs, but that's fine.

I just posted a "rant" which by itself is just a long and meaningless opinion, it was not meant to change anything, it was not a subject for debate, and I was not asking any real questions (only rhetorical ones). Why not keep my meaningless rant to my own? It's rather simple: because it's my decision not to.. and relax, there's absolutely nothing anyone can do. If the inability to prevent me from writing stuff like this or to change my views makes you feel frustrated, don't worry - that is normal for your type of personality and you just need to cope with it as you usually do.

If you are on a quest to change my views, you are more than welcome, I like reading your comments, but I found out that usually people tend to react better to constructive feedback (such as the one from Slaanesh69 and a few others - thanks for the really decent comments)

Are you compelled to write something when you see a different opinion? Do your fingers itch and the remedy implies pressing those keys? That is perfectly fine, it is your right to do so, but it is also my right to post what I wish on a forum dedicated to this game. So.. no, I will not keep it to myself, I do not want to post it anywhere else like on a personal blog and I really do not care about your opinion of me ("OP this" and "OP that") as we never met :) The internet is a beautiful thing, and we all have a place in it.

To address some of the replies I read:

-One of the biggest reasons behind my rant is that I do not like the item flipping (for numerous reasons). I have been playing for some time and it's not something new, I just felt like writing something now.
-I am not seeking any sympathy from anyone, and I do not wish to find new friends through a rant (like that would ever happen, lol); I enjoy playing with my friends, we do quite ok in every league, and we do trade a lot as well; I know the meaning of .2 exalts, I just do not like it; If you don't like the fact that I don't like it.. we are on the same boat brother :) Just 2 people not liking different things, and that is fine :)

If I lost you along the way, that is fine as well, some people have difficulties understanding a different language, or some people get tired easily, so let me summarize:

TL;DR: Everything is fine; we are all special snowflakes with different personalities and opinions, but if you are an item flipper, I do not like your online persona :D

Well it's all RNG. You do need items for builds and I believe everyone should work a bit or be really lucky to try a build to the maximum. People sell for a high price because their items are just as expensive to get. I've only played for about 2 weeks. My first and only character to endgame is an EQ / Sunder Juggernaut I am currently level 81 and haven't been able to do the EQ build yet because I miss the head enchant which I suppose is necessary to really do it the right way! But... I am still looking forward to get it. Also died once at lv.41 with the same build to Torchoak Grove and learned that resistance is important.

Maybe you should learn how to trade and make currency to buy what you want instead of asking us to trade items and give them away for free? I believe it would ruin the game if you could get everything to a build too fast/cheap. I've probably been lucky since I've found a 6-L and an EX already! Working and got a family... maybe SC is something for you? Stuff should be cheaper there and you can push to get higher drop chance without loosing too much. I do not like the feeling of SC tho.

// H
This is the usual occurrence of greed, just like in the real world. And it points to a more fundamental issue with GGG's wish for a free market. Because it is not really free.
In the real world, there would be the option to sanction deeds that are not accepted by society. So essentially, PoE economy is more like a perfect habitat for sharks.

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