[3.3] All Uniques Whispering Ice - 2ex Total (All Content, Shaper/Elder Deathless)

What do you think about the new unique, Ivory Tower? Are we having enough mana to ignore chaos damage by tanking it with mana? Do we reserve enough life to leverage the extra energy shield?

In full unique setup there is no easy way to get enough chaos res, so ~4k mana should be left unreserved, which translates into ~600 flat es loss. Not to mention it will require you to drop at least 1 aura. Coruscating elixir might work though (shavs in a bottle), but is tedious to manage and unreliable.

For no chaos damage encounters you can just replace shavs/lorica with it, the stats are just perfect for this build (obv. except for the unique mod).

My setup: https://pastebin.com/m9NkwGW2 (enlighten should be lvl2)
If i want use Energy Leech support what setup of gems u recommend?
I miss this build ;(
TwojaBogini wrote:
I miss this build ;(

Hell, I'm still playing it on and off on standard, though I've put well over 2 ex into it by now, generally prioritizing additional defensive layers over damage.


if you care to take a look.

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