[3.3] All Uniques Whispering Ice - 2ex Total (All Content, Shaper/Elder Deathless)


I'm trying to make this build work for me in Standard .
But something is wrong with it :


Can someone give an advice on what should be fixed.

Thank You!
Hey guys! 3.5 inbound. Any ideas for winter orb cwc with WI?
Message to anyone using this build:
If, next to Snowforged, you switch from the +10% cold node to instead the +10% fire node, it will bump up Scorching Ray's DoT while leaving Whispering Ice's damage unchanged.

Specific to the question posed above:
rnbmafia wrote:
I'm trying to make this build work for me in Standard .
But something is wrong with it :


Can someone give an advice on what should be fixed.

Thank You!

1) your dex exceeds your str, so you're not getting the ignite immunity from Cyclopean Coil.
-- the dex node you took 2 to the right of Deep Wisdom is pointless. Drop that Dex node, and take Pain Attunement in its place for an immediate 30% increase in damage output.
You're still not quite there, but this move will put you closer.

2) You did NOT connect to the Scion's starting location, so you're not getting the +25 to all attributes from the Pure Talent jewel.

3) You did NOT take Avatar of Fire, which will increase Icestorm's damage output by over 25% all by itself.

4) After taking Avatar of Fire, do the change I listed above next to Snowforged.

5) Your Purity of Elements gem is low level, that's hurting your resists. Go grind some safe places to earn it a few levels. Ditto for your Cold to Fire, Fire Penetration and Cast While Channeling- them being underleveled is really hurting your damage output.

6) I would drop the Holy Dominion and take Light of Divinity in its place. +20 Int, spell damage, light radius, and you won't need the resists from Holy Dominion once you level your gems.

7) You didn't take Retribution. That's big; damage, Str and Int. If you've been keeping up with my suggestions so far, you're now within two points of that Cyclopean Coil doing its job with ignite immunity.

8) I can't figure out what the Blood of the Karui is doing in this build. Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see what it does for you. If you've burned through 10k ES I really don't think healing your 72 unreserved HP is likely to have any chance of success.
I'd drop in a Jade flask of Staunching. A stack of Corrupted Blood can kick your ass real fast, and I don't see any way you can remove it right now. But again, I may be missing something.

9) Your vertex has a 20% reduced purity of fire mana reservation enchant on it, but your purity of fire gem isn't in it... Not sure if moving it would help you. Would you be able to cram in a Herald of Ash with the mane you gain?
I would work really hard at finding some way to make use of that.

10) Final step in getting your dex under your str: your Sin Treks are a max dex roll. Normally a good thing, but bad for this build. I hate advising people to reroll something to be less than a max roll, but you have a few options here.
a) reroll them until you get a higher int and lower (27 or less) Dex. I wouldn't go this route, as they're max dex and high in all other stats already. I wouldn't want to lose that.
b) buy another set of sin treks with lower dex
c) get another Fertile Mind and put it in place of the Healthy Mind
...any of those options will work

11) I'm a fan of Leadership. Gives good boosts with this build.

12) Pick up Influence

...and in order to do all this, you'll have to drop 3 jewel sockets and the nodes leading to them. But you will have max resists once you get your gems to 20. You will lose a bit of ES in the process, but I think the higher resists will make up for it in most cases. Your damage output will also increase considerably.

The wheel to Written in Blood gives good defense boosts to this build, both ES and armor. Something to consider for the future.

Your Fertile Minds are kinda mid-roll, they could be up to +24 int. Might be worth re-rolling or buying better ones if the price is right. Your Brute Force Solution is bottom-end, I'd worry about that first. Another +8 int may not sound like much, but this build increases int dramatically.
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Thank You : Subhuman_01 !
Can someone make a tree for 3.6 with the nodes and prob can we benefit from ant of the new suport gems/auras ? Thanks in advance

Pastebin for 3.7

Personally feel Cyclone fixes the stationary issues I personally was having with the build, gives it a really smooth feeling while mapping/delving as you can just kinda keep going while icestorm kills everything along the way. Currently working on testing the build now and will update after I have put a little more time into it.

EDIT: Please let me know if you find any issues with the path work I did on the build, I've never really done anything personally.
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went back to this guy on 3.7 standard to see whats up and man compared to 3.3 delve this build got buffed

no longer need vit leech watcher eye
cyclone cwc is amazing
dont need to fire convert
dont need vit so running dread banner and flesh and stone with bloodmagic for the stupid blind chance
utmost int node is crazyyy
I'd like to share my version of the build updated to 3.8.


Major/minor changes and characteristics:

+ Relaxing 2 buttons gameplay (Icestorm and a movement ability of choice)
+ ~1813 Intelligence at level 90 (~2035 at level 100)
+ ~11412 ES at level 90 (~12773 ES at level 100)
+ Still self-cast, Low Life with Avatar of Fire and Elemental Overload
+ Permanent, level 20/21 Arcane Surge (boosted with Arcane Capacitor)
+ ES Leech along with ES Gain on Hit with Watcher's Eye
+ Added Flesh & Stone & Dread Banner for more survability

Played for months, this version is well refined.
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Edit: Nevermind, i got it.
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What do you think about the new unique, Ivory Tower? Are we having enough mana to ignore chaos damage by tanking it with mana? Do we reserve enough life to leverage the extra energy shield?

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