Designing the Elder Uniques

elder? what is elder i play two weeks and i have find one elder and drop nothing ...... and i do like 50+ maps and he dont even spawn
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the watchers eyes are fantastic, the life that gives to the grind of elder is really something.

I feel no real need to kill shaper, his guardians, atziri or even uber atziri from a long term perspective. Basically its worth killing them while the items outside of the impossible to find chaser are worth something in a league environment, outside of that theres essentially no point. So you either race this content first thing in a new league or from my perspective it serves no function than killing it for the sake of killing it, and in a game where anyone with 50c to spend can just load up one of a number of widely known builds that can reliably kill them its kind of whatever, who cares.

Theres always another build, and with it comes another BiS watchers eye you can potentially desire, or that is perhaps inspired by a watchers eye even.

Might be an idea to try and tie in this kind of long term reward to future such bosses, maybe even revisit some old ones with this in mind tbh. As the sort of lazy toad whos far too waterfat to give a crap about racing for anything in a league almost all ur endgame bosses are pretty meaningless to me, this is the first time im actually motivated to pursue one in a long term sense and it seems a shame that none of the others really have that staying power. Ive got a million and one midnights stacked up and honestly my only motivation to ever farm that boss is to relieve stash space from fragments, I dont even hand these in any more...

It's been a week since I've seen the site news translated into Portuguese, what's happening? the last episode of the build of the week tb does not have subtitles in Portuguese, as the fall of oriath has almost nothing translated, what is happening? The Brazilians being left out?
Yeah, about that. Watcher's eye, while being a massive gamble, can potentially be insane, and i'm honestly happy for it being in this state.
Impresence - lightning and cold versions are significantly weaker than other versions, but yeah, sure.

The rest, though? I get that they;'re supposed to be "strong, but you need to build around them", but they are clearly not strong enough to bother building around them.

I wouldn't mind having a few more 1alch niche uniques in the game if it meant i could, one day, make a hipster build out of them.
But why are those dropping from your major new endgame boss?
Cuz the creator thinks it's fucking amazing when it's garbage.
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very cool!
Really don't see how or why you bother trying to use that bow.
delete all lootboxes
why even bother when you're going to nerf them anyway?
How bout fixing some shit for a change?
Why watcher's eye actually limited to 1 total instead 1 of aura type :D
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