Designing the Elder Uniques

Revert AoE nerf and give back spell echo/multistrike to vaal skills
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So... whoever designed these probably doesnt really play the game.

The ES / CI nerf instead of power up - undoubtedly show us that they are not playing anymore the game. They are just selling MTX.
Interesting thread.
Not really surprising, but still a good read. I always enjoy those little tidbits; many people underestimate the thought and work that goes into good design.

That said, I believe the drawbacks on the charge uniques are a tad too high.
I can see the pleasing effect of it being exactly 400 degen, but still, that's heavy.
Obviously, some people will still complain. Someone always complains, and I'm not even saying they got no reason for that.
Still, those uniques are interesting. Can't say that about a lot of them these days.
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Isn't a "no" better than an ignore?
I like the design of pretty much all the items even if some can be a bit underwhelming. A couple of notes though.

Impresence should have a vendor recipe (all three elements) for a elemental weakness version, the damage portion could be X-Y damage of random element or X% as extra damage of random element, and the item specific mod could be X chance to avoid elemental ailments, just to give something to non-specific damage builds.

After killing the Elder 15 times and only getting two drop I'd say the Watcher's Eye should have been a guarantied drop from red map Elder or have a higher base chance to drop. The effort that goes in to spawning him, especially in red maps, with the low drop rate just makes it all too rare to actually farm when we're talking a ~1:2700 chance at what you're looking for if it drops. And farming mid-tier maps just for the chance at the jewel is even worse as the effort feels mostly wasted outside of the actual Elder kill.

This kinda ties in to what I see as an overall problem with the Elder farming as is. The 20 map requirement to spawn is simply too high and removes a lot of control from the player as to where we want to spawn him. Shouldn't it be a choice if we want him in red/yellow/white maps instead or a random pick that has to be around 50/50 red/yellow for example?
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Well done!
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Designing 1 Alch items op.
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cool-well done!
Someone design a Book/Tome for Offhand called Macronomicon.

Fits in with the Elder-theme.


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Watcher's Eye is definitely a "chase" unique if rolled the right way. However, the clarity "bug" is inflating the prices of a bit too much.

For those who don't know.
The mod: "Gain 14-18% of Maximum Mana as Extra Maximum Energy Shield while Effected by Clarity" is supposed to add on some ES to the end of the equation. Instead, it counts as base energy shield and goes through all the other mods your tree/gear has.

This jewel is giving people 7k+ ES by itself. It's a little..crazy

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