[3.2] Doms Life Assassin Discharger Beast Strangler

Great guide, thanks alot. I hope i can pull this off as a league starter on friday.
Iam still trying to find out how to survive the first few hours/days without the mandatory uniques. I will probably have to do some white/yellow maps with a temporary setup. Any ideas how to make this work?

Thoughts so far:
-Lightning traps or Blade Flurry as AOE
-Freezing Pulse or Firestorm for single target
-the double course setup you already mentioned ofc

also: in what order did you do the ascendancy? Opportunistic -> Ambush & Assassinate -> rest?

thanks alot
Lightning traps is best bet and Ambush & Assassinate first
So the levelling process was kinda painful, but i think this was my own fault. in the end it turned out very well and the build is rock solid. used it to farm shaped toxic sewers but it can melt red maps too.

even after buying voll's devotion, a second curse is very nice to have, either with an +1 amulet or the whispers of doom notable. in order to run herald of ice and both curses (ele weakness and poacher) i used an elder ring with poacher on hit. it is quite easy to get, if you can afford the 2ex multimod.

thanks again for the guide :)

edit: instead of using two anti bleed flasks, you can use one with antishock, in order to counter the vinktars effect
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How much is ur crit chance?
My cyclone's crit chance is only 27% without power charges and I have trouble keeping it up... Pls take a look at my character Spazacus and help me! thanks in advance.
Also I replaced control destruction with added lightning and have better damage, so which one is actually better?
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my cyclone crit chance inside the hideout is 25% but thats why you use the diamond flask and 7 power charges. the first thing i do upon entering a map is using the diamond flask and there is no problem with landing a crit. once the chrages are up and running my screen is just a blur :)

removing controlled destruction helps with the initial crit chance but you lose out on 44% MORE damage. my path of building shows a 25.5% loss in damage if i change to added lightning.

are you looking at your cyclone DPS? because those numbers are worthless. all that matters is your discharge damage

edit: your gear looks fine. not sure if the added lightning damage on the ring messes with elemental equilibrium. if you plan on switching rings, just try not to take one with added ele damage.
also, a lvl 21 discharge is a huge boost and thanks to bestiary recipes, they are quite cheap to get. quality is nice but not necessary
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Both of you should really reconsider the gear/gems with lightning damage. The ring with lightning damage screws up EE completely, effectively making the build bad. The added lightning damage in the Cyclone link is also a very bad idea. Added lightning with affect both Cyclone and discharge, so once you stop using shield charge and trigger discharges though cyclone, you will go from proper explosions to wet noodle explosions. You don't want that.

You are better off adding fire storm for instance. Fire storm will at the very least provide a ton of hits for power charge generation. It also shouldnt affect the EE rotation of cyclone/discharge, as the discharge hits immediately after the cyclone once it triggers, going from a cold hit to a lightning/fire hit regardless.

EDIT: These ended up being my personal favourites for links in Abyss:

Swap ele. focus on the Cospri's for whatever (added lightning actually works here, but it still isn't very good) if you run herald of ice and want to shatter stuff on general clearing. The 6L is kinda wonky, but it is what made my single target feel best. If you use cyclone, the concentrated effect is probably a bad idea. For the most generic setups for map clearing, I'd go increased AoE in the sword instead of elemental focus and swap the conc. effect for ele focus in the 6L.

Regardless, there are a lot of options, so don't be afraid to mix it up a bit.
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so a cold damage to spells jewel is also bad? didnt know that... switched to one with crit multi to be safe :)
Thanks guys :))) totally forgot about EE and how my rings and added lightning messed up the set up.
Cold damage to spells is irrelevant. Cospri's already has it anyway, so getting more of it doesn't really matter. Discharges deal primarily lightning damage with a pretty strong portion of fire damage as well, so the most important part is to have no attack based lightning damage.
it's a very good build but it definitely struggles on any boss without adds or with phases where you don't have a second rotation of potions available. any beyond bosses can be a pain in the arse as well and will often combo you down before you can blow them up.

was hoping to go for 95 with this build for flashback but i gave up after dieing too much. hope some of you have better luck/skill xD

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