[3.2] Doms Life Assassin Discharger Beast Strangler

Any ideas on how to deal with mana leech issues on single target/bosses ? I always ran out of mana to Cyclone and die like a scrub cause i have nothing left. Also, where do you get your mana regen/leech from ? Beside from the Boot enchant i couldn't find any solutions about it

EDIT : Was actually using the wrong curse i'm a dummy.
If it happens to anyone else, on your first monocurse setup, don't mistake Poacher's mark for Warlord mark. :')
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Что делать с бандитами? что сначала качать в дереве восхождения?
What to do with the bandits? what first to rock in the tree of ascent?
Dont take bandits and level with lightning trap
nothing that I helped Alira?
Would this build still work on xbox?
Yeah might blow up your xbox tho with the discharges tho :P !!!!!
Why are you using Elemental Equilibrium with Herald of Ice?

Edit: nvm, I always confuse what color charges correlate with which elements. I always think blue charges deal cold damage.
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Loving the build a lot, its really fast and really strong, probably my most enjoyed build so far. You can also very easily respec to an autobomber once you get enough currency. I have one question, is cyclone better than blade flurry? I've been playing with both and I don't really see a difference other than flurry having a bit better attack speed over cyclone. I guess you can move around with cyclone and thats it?

Great guide, kept it simple and straight forward. Ty for that.
Hey just wanted to make a post having used the guide, Leveling with lightning trap although doable is waaay too slow and difficult, wouldn't know a solid alternative myself though. (Possibly arc mines?)

The level 68 setup is sound, i myself ended up hitting around 89% accuracy without lycosidae The helm enchant i bought for around 45C~, The boots i bought and enchanted myself and the gloves i just essence crafted. it's necessary to have your cruel lab done before swapping over and taking deadly infusion (Some new players might not know it's vital for the build). You're welcome to use the gear as an example, showing it's super possible without lycosidae and it still felt perfectly good to run.

My Gear at 68(Around 180C~ investment):

One bit of advice i would say to add in a leveling guide is the strength requirement isn't that high for the build, Spec into the 30+Str nodes until you get a voll's devotion instead of buying gear for strength+dex+accuracy, Otherwise it's too hard to res cap.
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