[3.2] Doms Life Assassin Discharger Beast Strangler

For most of my CoC builds, I usually level with Frostbolt. It clears really comfortably with two Frozen Trial and all the spell crit nodes we grab. The single target with the skill is still terrible though, and you might want a secondary setup with conc firestorm or a similar skill.
I got a question. What aura or maybe herald or smth will improve our dmg? Cuz i god all eq now and not use any of skill that reserve mana soo i think i should :)
HERALD OF ICE is good to have
NVM didnt read
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I'm not very familiar with discharge builds but since we are an assassin and using inyas is it entirely necessary to use a voll's protector? Would a belly be viable? I'm not sure if frequency of charges is the restricting factor or frequency of discharge procs.
it would be a lot more rng with power charges without volls protector could leave you seconds without a proc aka dead
What curse to go for if I get a +1 curse devotion?
ele weakness for more dmg
Would using 2 inspired learning and a HH benefit the build at all?

I was getting 2 buffs with HH + gem and when i socketed another Inspired Learning i wasn't receiving the 3 buff.
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