[3.1] Oni-Goroshi One Punch 100% fire conversion

Hi there,

Since Oni-Goroshi was discovered I had in my mind come back for one punch build. I know Mathil recently is playing infernal blow as well, credit to him, but I wanted to share my own take on for 100% fire conversion. Also credits to all previous infernal blow builds creators like @KorgothBG. One of my favourite builds of all times in PoE.

Before I write the whole guide, here's some concept. The damage is great, map clear is beast, boss killing with molten strike is awesome.

Passive Tree


poeurl.com/bIkN - 94 lvl, 192% increased maximum life
poeurl.com/bInY - 100 lvl tanky version (grab outstanding life nodes), 217% increased maximum life
poeurl.com/bIkX - 100 lvl dps version (take Berserking and Razor's edge)


Ok, I made a draft PoB based on my character, I just modified stats on jewellery and jewels (some are perfect, so you won't probably get that, it does not matter), and perfect Watcher's Eye for our build. Just for the sake of knowing what we can achieve.

With that setup you get following DPS for IB:

It's much higher than I assumed, 1.2mln


766k per MS ball x 36 (balls with enchant) = 27mln

Pastebin link

Now, just don't ask immediately why this and why that, it requires tweaking, checking what's optimal, maybe jewels with crit multi are more optimal than flat dmg, it takes time to check that. I'll do that after New Year Eve.

One more note, check configuration tab, I checked flask, lucky (crit), maim, ash (from Xoph's Blood), intimidate (gloves), frenzy charges, always full life and of course 'Her Embrace' (OG sword).

EDIT IMPORTANT: For some reason, PoB does not save Watcher's Eye settings properly, I chose 'Fire Penetration while affected by Anger' and 'Gain % of Physical Damage as Extra Fire Damage'. Once I try to open it again it reverts extra damage to '33% of Physical Damage converted to Lightning Damage' dunno why, so make sure to change that manually after importing PoB link to see the same numbers as on above screens.

It should be:


30 passive points

First priority, go for Resolute Technique so you have 100% chance to hit early on, you will respec that point later and take critical nodes next to it. Now, if you level with Oni-Goroshi, in order to trigger 'Her Emrbace' you need to use Chance to Ignite. If not then use any other melee support gem. Melee skills I would use are one of these Sunder or Infernal Blow/Molten Strike with Ancestral Call. Please bear in mind that Sunder is available after you finish act 1 and get your character to level 12, whereas IB and MS are available at level 1. We also take Hard Knocks notable for +30 intelligence since we need that early on to level gems. My weapon of choice might be Facebreaker here, you will be able to wear that at lvl 16. With that gloves you're not using any weapon, just hit with bare hands, and add some flat physical damage on jewellery and Meginord's Girdle belt. That is basically, classic one punch infernal blow setup that was considered as a super fast leveling thing, before new era came. This is just an idea and remember that Molten Strike does not work with Unarmed that means you need a weapon and not Facebreakers whereas Infernal Blow works with Unarmed.

So maybe best idea would be to utilize any sword with decent physical damage that would allow us to use our two end game skills since level 1, that is Infernal Blow and Molten Strike.

38 passive points

Now this is crucial, if you want to level with Molten Strike (or even if not, you want to use that on single target anyway), you utilize those two jewel slots with Wildfire jewels, making your molten strike MUCH more enjoyable together with Ancestral Call and Multistrike later on. If you don't have any jewels to use early on, you can save those three passive points that are required to get that sockets.

50 passive points

We take Vitality Void with small point below providing us mana leech and Golem's blood for more life and life regeneration. Now, we are one point from Vaal Pact, but we're not getting it anytime soon, because we simply don't need that. Moreover, running through labs will be much less stressful if we have life regeneration.

65 passive points

We're basically going to right hand side of the tree, grabbing all notable life nodes Thick Skin and Herbalism as well as Heart of the Warrior and Warrior's Blood at Marauder start. The last one will grant us additional 1.8% life regen. We're also taking Wisdom of the Glade for additional +30 intelligence.

83 passive points

Now the fun part begins ;) We're getting all crit nodes and finally respecing out of Resolute Technique (as a last step) if you didn't do that earlier on. We also should be using Oni-Goroshi now (if not earlier) because we will be able to trigger 'Her Embrace' (de)buff reliably from critical strikes.

Ascendancy - Slayer
Impact (free melee splash gem for infernal blow) - Endless Hunger (Life leech effects are not revmoed at full life, critical for our sword) - Brutal Fervour (100% increased life leech rate, immunity to stun and bleed) - Bane of Legends (20% culling strike)

I'll add last missing step later on, but you should be able to go on your own from there by looking at finished lvl 94 passive tree.


Kill'em all

Required Items


For infernal blow setup:

For molten strike setup (swap key shortcut):

100% Fire conversion:

Budget version (90% conversion) https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Watcher%27s_Eye with "40% of Physical Damage Converted to Fire Damage while affected by Anger"
I bought this for 1 ex

Of course ideal would be combo with "Gain 25% of Physical Damage as Extra Fire Damage while affected by Anger" but that will cost fortune.

2 x https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Wildfire

Other gear


Rings - 2 x https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Steel_Ring
Belt - https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Stygian_Vise
Gloves - https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Tombfist with two abyssal sockets for free maim and intimidation
Helmet - https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Starkonja%27s_Head, https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Rat%27s_Nest, https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Hrimnor%27s_Resolve or rare helmet
Chest - here we got few options, Kaom's for health and fire dmg %, Atral Plate or Belly of the Beast. Still figuring out which one I prefer, trying to utilize additional 6L, maybe molten shell.


1. https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/The_Wise_Oak
2. Diamond Flask
3. https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Lion%27s_Roar
4. Life flask
5. https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Dying_Sun / Ruby / Basalt / Granite / Silver / Quicksilver
4 or 5 should have "of Heat" suffix providing immunity to freeze and chill


Infernal Blow - Damage On Full Life - Melee Physical Damage - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Multistrike - Ancestral Call

Molten Strike - Concentrated Effect - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Multistrike - Damage On Full Life - Ancestrall Call (yes it's not a mistake, it will double the number of projectiles, just stand a bit away from boss and yolo molten strike, thanks for hint @letmedownloadthat)

Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Fortify - Leap Slam

Herald of Ash
Haste / Anger (dps wise)

Soul of Arakaali trigger
CWDT - Immortal Call - Increased Duration
Blood Rage

Extra 6L chest (does not require 6L chest)
TBD - most likely: Molten Shell + CWDT + Increased Duration + Enfeeble (defence) / Flammability (dps) + Ice Golem + Ancestral Protector totem (for more molten strike attack speed on bosses). Flammability would be easier to use since it's hybrid that means it requires 67 strength and only 97 intelligence at lvl 20, whereas Enfeeble requires 154 intelligence at lvl 20.

My current gear


Ignore my crappy abyss jewels, you should aim for life, generic flat physical damage, sword physical damage, crit multiplier or intelligence on them.



Helmet - 3 additional Molten Strike Projectiles
Boots - 16% increased Attack and Cast Speed if you've Killed Recently


Major - Soul of Arakaali for triggering 50% increased recovery rate of life
Minor - It is really a matter of personal preference, I don't see any real advantage of that. Soul of Abberath has fire theme and reduces fire damage taken while moving by 5%, so we will only benefit from that when we use whirling blade, still might be worth. Soul of Ralakesh reduces 25% physical damage over time, means reducing downside of blood rage, that is also worth to consider, additionally you cannot be blinded and maimed, I would probably choose that.


NOTE: Videos were recorded with not optimized tree and flasks, I'll record new one, it's even better. In the meantime you can see it on my twitch channel, when I'm live.
T11 Messa - first video just to have some video ;) Molten Strike setup was without AC here.
T11 Colonnade - with AC on Molten Strike
T14 Shaped Vault - still wrong flasks used but you should see here, that flask with freeze & chill immunity is important, since Her Embrace buff lasts only 3s and you can get chilled moving from pack to pack.

New videos:
T11 Shaped Fields


29/12/2017 - Updated passive tree for lvl 94, added passive trees for lvl 100 (tanky and dps wise), added draft version of leveling guide
31/12/2017 - Added draft of PoB calculations

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Is it an actual requirement to either have Xoph's Blood or a Wander's Eye at all or can something else be used? In addition to this, how is it with not using molten strike at all and simply swap AC for Ruthless for ST? Any ideas on budget required without having the need to use Xoph's Blood or Wander's Eye?
First of all, welcome to my guide :)

It is not a build enabling item, you will do fine without any of them. It is an end game goal to have 100% fire conversion so you can focus on single element with fire penetration to achieve highest possible damage by scaling physical damage mostly.

I paid 1ex for following jewel:

Molten strike is superior to any other skill in terms of ST, will beat infernal blow also and it's better to sustain Her Embrace debuff on boss fights. You can do fine with infernal blow only and switch AC gem as you suggested to any other in boss fights. I would choose fire penetration if you got 100% conversion, it should yield most damage.

However, MS will still be superior, and we have plenty of 6L available (two blades, chest means three 6L in total) so why not to use that? I hate gem switching as well, switching weapons is just pressing one key or nothing if you have that setup in chest instead.

If you don't want to use MS as ST setup, then the tree would be built in a different way (skip Point Blank, Iron Grip etc), focus on crit multi with jewels as Mathil is doing. Then instead of Xoph's Blood amulet choose either new Impresence (https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Impresence_(Fire)) with free flammability curse or rare amulet with flat physical damage, life and crit multiplier.

My take on is to have two separate skills for AoE and ST together with 100% fire conversion.
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Added sample video, just for the sake of having some video in build guide ;) Ignore flasks used in the video.
why no Ancestral call for Molten Strike? You can use attack in place to effectively double projectiles vs bosses.
You're right :) I was going to update that later when I update the guide structure. I played MS early in the league and was amazed by AC, I could stand away from bosses and the dps was almost doubled. That will probably replace PPAD.

Anyway, guide is not optimized yet, since I was amazed by the performance (both map and bosses) I decided to make a draft version since it's super fun and end game content viable.

EDIT: Ok just tested it again, and it was correct. Updated gem setup for ST, thanks @letmedownloadthat for a reminder :) will record new video.
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Uploaded 2nd video, this time with AC in MS setup, difference should be visible like a night and day.
np! I am playing a similiar build (not on this account, just made this because I couldn't log in from this pc lol).
PPAD might actually do more dmg than fire pen, have you done some calculations? with 13% pen from tree, wise oak, xoph's and maybe 10 from boots enchant + some 2%s from abyss jewels, you already reduce shaper's effective res to below 0, making it still an effective choice, but less so than without any additional pen (idk vs other mobs/bosses). at just 7 projectiles hitting the target, ppad is already a 40% more dmg multiplier for molten strike, which gets enhanced further the more projectiles hit the target ('nearing' 49% more dmg)
I am not sure if I am off about that but I don't think I am. Has anyone else calculated this too?
I didn't do math yet, I mean I did some rough math when I was about to make a build, and fire pen was always a win since I'm not using flammability curse and EE. Fire penetration from amulet, wise oak and a bit from tree was still too low (I might be wrong now) if we deal only fire damage.

I'll do all the numbers in PoB and will update the guide. We still have Damage on Full Life available for MS also if we want to use that instead of PPAD to support both melee strike and projectiles (like somebody cares about melee strike in MS anyway ;)).

Any further tips/help is of course more than welcome.
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