[3.1] Hurrinado [Extremely Fast Mapping] [Budget]

Welcome! This is my first build guide I have ever made and really one of the first builds I have ever made without using a guide to follow along.

Well, this skill I have never played before so I wanted to try it. I realize other skills are "better" in raw damage numbers but I do not think there is a melee multistrike skill that performs this well for mapping.

Insanely fast clear speed
No need for queen of the forest
Max Dodge
5k Life without Kaoms
Very Tanky if using Shroud of the Lightless

Extremely squishy without Shroud of the Lightless
Boss DPS is slightly low

Skill Tree, Ascendency, Bandits

PoB Link

Bandits: Either Kill all (Jewel Slots are OP) or Help Alira

Normal Lab: Way of the Poacher
Cruel Lab: Avatar of the Slaughter
Merciless Lab: Rapid Assault
Uber Lab: Avatar of the Chase

Gearing Up

The gearing process is rather simple this league because of how powerful the new jewels from abyss are.
Required Uniques


This weapon is equal to a 450pdps foil or even better with smart gearing. 8ex vs 1 alch?

The rest of the items can be rare or unique based on how you want to build.
Body Armour
This is where it gets interesting. You can use a 6L evasion base, Queen of the Forest, Belly of the Beast, or Shroud of the Lightless.
Evasion Base: This is probably the second best choice because I got one with 2500 evasion 100 life dual res for 3ex
Queen of the Forest: This is probably the worst choice of the four because you don't need movement speed. Whirling blades is faster!
Belly of the Beast: This is an all around good option but not worth the price.
Shroud of the Lightless: This is by far and away the best option. This chest is a sudo 6L and you are full elemental so the penetration is a helpful boost.

Other Gear

This is by far the best enchant you can get unless you want to do shaper/guardians then you should get the 40% Wild Strike Damage enchant.

The rest of your gear would be random rares to fill out resist and life along with any flat elemental damage you can get. All jewel slots should be 4 mod dps jewels 2 base 2 sword.


Skill Links:

Body Armour:Wild Strike, Ele Damage with Attks, Ancestral Call, Multistrike, Icebite, Added Lightning if your not using Shroud

NOTE: You can use elemental focus for a massive boost in DPS I just don't purely because I like to freeze and shock.

3Link: IC, CWDT, Frostbite
3Link: Assassin's Mark, CoH, HoI
3Link: Whirling Blades, Blood Magic, Faster Attacks (Could 4Link with culling)
4Link: Frost Bomb, Vaal Grace, Vaal Haste, Wrath
3Link: Ice Golem, Faster Attacks, Culling Strike

Obviously there is alot of left over links here to do with an rearrange. I just haven't decided to do any of them because at my current point I am able to do just fine and more.

Current Content Cleared

T1-15 Maps Rare/Corrupted
Uber Izaro
Normal Atziri (currenly requires swapping to another ability if you want to run deathless. Chain hurts to much on mirror)
Elder Guardians

Not sure if I will even try Shaper or the Guardians for shaper with this build. I currently have another character for that job.

My Gear

Feel Good Numbers If You Care

In Hideout with Wrath/Herald of Ice/Golem

In Hideout with self-buffs and Flasks

In Map with 7 Frenzy, 3 Power, Atizir Promise, Diamond, Jade, Stibnite. (Outside of power charges this is normal mapping damage)

Also this doesnt take into account shocked targets which happens basicly all the time and nearly doubles your damage.

Shaped T10 Haunted Mansion - Boss Extra Health + Enfeeble

T12 Racecourse Corrupted

Normal Atziri (Using Dual Strike on Atziri Herself to Prevent Reflect Chain)

Elder Guardian Eradicator on Plateau

Elder Guardian Constrictor + Abyssal Depths on Arachnid Nest

Elder Guardian Enslaver on Wasteland

Elder Fight on Infested Valley (Still Learning the Different Styles each time you do this fight)

12/21/17: Added Videos
12/21/17: Fixed PoB Pastebin link
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Any videos of the build in action?
At some point in the next day or so I will make videos of uber lab, atziri, and Red Maps. I did not intend on making a guide for this build but after the shear amount of fun I have had with it compared to the 100s of other builds I have played, I figured I should try to get others to try it out.
Ok, I got a couple videos up and I'll add more soon.
Is there a problem in your tree link? It shows of an older version of the tree where vaal pact is assigned without link to any other nods.
Thats odd??!?? I exported it again and tested this time and all is well. New pastebin should work
where you get the "max dodge" from? also, it would be nice if you have vid of some harder boss fight like elder
buttcommander wrote:
where you get the "max dodge" from? also, it would be nice if you have vid of some harder boss fight like elder

Dodge cap if I am correct is 75% and this build sits at 73% with my current gear. If you so choose to wear an actual 2000+ evasion chest you would be dodge capped. Fights like elder I will be recording when they finally show up. I am working on this right now as we speak to get elder spreading. I won't be doing minotaur on this build purely because I have a juggernaut for him when I finally get to him. The grind is slow because I am enjoying the whole elder spreading process which has lacked on spreading into a lot of the red maps.

The other 3 guardians should be fairly easy and straightforward for this build. I will do shaper when I get to that point and that fight should be extremely simple for this build.
I dont think its budget with that chest lol, but hey looks awesome

Saved on my PoB, looking forward for more updates.
Balantakos wrote:
I dont think its budget with that chest lol, but hey looks awesome

Saved on my PoB, looking forward for more updates.

This chest is completely unneeded and its used because I wanted to try it out. A 5L or 6L zodiac or assassins base would do quite well, actually better if used with wise oak.

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