3.1.1c Patch Notes

ETA when this goes live?
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Nice bug fixes and im excited to see if Oni Goroshi is actually good this time.
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I get consistent 130+fps on max settings in pretty much every scenario. During screen spam I only drop to 100 at the lowest. Get a better pc?
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I would like a poe that doesn't require 3+gb of Ram.
I would like a poe that doesn't spend 10 hours to load other people's micro transactions.
I would like a poe where I can turn the particle effects down, so that I can run it on a machine older than than 2017.
I would like a poe that doesn't require an SSD from 10 years into the future and DDR10 Ram to load fast.
I would like a poe where, instead of starting in the town, start in the hideout, so I don't have to spend years waiting for everyone's mtx to load.
I would like a poe that can run smoothly without a state of the art PC even though it uses an engine from 10 years ago.

But just because I want these things to happen doesn't mean it will ever happen.

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Owlert wrote:
isomeras wrote:
Still no fix to the godawful instance-specific lag issues me, a few friends, and a bunch of other people across the net seem to be experiencing? The ones when in random instances until remade (a thing you can't do on maps btw), latency will spike about the place constantly and make it nigh unplayable? Used to love this game. Wish I could actually play it again.

Glad to hear that it isn't just me. Incredibly frustrating to need to waste instances and so much time checking if the map is playable.

I don't know the exact situation on your atlas. But it does not sound like a bug to me. When you finish a shapermap, the map will convert to an elder map most likely. But in the same move the shaper can take over another map. If the map the shaper takes over is a single map between 2 elder areas the shaper will cut through. One halfe of the elder maps will be destroyed, because the eldermaps have to be connected. Try to always have 2 maps the connect elderparts on the maps so you can not loose halfe your maps by mistake.
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"Fixed a bug in which The Eradicator Guardian could disappear making the fight impossible to complete"

oh wait that didnt happen, yet another patch this doesnt get addressed......

maybe make a new mtx/tab that u can bundle that bug fix with?

WTB bug fix
wheres the new mtx?
Hopefully a patch to address the rolling chat server will be forthcoming
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