3.1.1c Patch Notes

Anyone know new unique added yet
You lost someone who will make proper patch or you rewriting game from root? Because your patches lately are looking like full game.
Rlly this last 2.4GB (before that few GB) for those few row looks suspicious.
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Still fubar.. Oh well onto grim dawn.
hahaha new update avaible :D just 250mb but why ?
u relased king of update yesterday. And that fucking update was 2.5GB!!!!!!
Are you kidding us?????
Weaz wrote:
Still fubar.. Oh well onto grim dawn.
Have fun. See you in a few days when you're back on PoE again.
small patch

2.4 GB
I don't wanna know what would be a big patch, haha
Volatile Dead to huge nerf back it.
merc +1 über +2
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Hey GGG. Still no extra unique from Izaro btw. =(
Is this 2.4Gig update what they were talking about when they said "the team is deploying a small patch"? that is madness...
Gz Charan and GGG!
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