[3.1] You can't run from Heaven. -Non-crit Herald Bomber- [Elementalist]

Very interested to hear anyone else's thoughts about this build in 3.2. working on it now but still have a ways to go before things start coming together. Even so, I'm already having fun with it.

One question I have: is Cremation the best option for single target, or would there be some other possibilities that might synergize better with the cold/lightning buffs in the build?
I use Vortex for single targets right now. Freezing pulse can work. I've done builds around Ball Lightning as well.
Haasts wrote:
Hmmmn, the changes to Elementalist seem intriguing for a non-crit bomber, although assuming the new Paragon of Calamity for elemental reflect immunity is mandatory, you can't reach both Beacon of Ruin for the proliferation and the reworked Mastermind of Discord for the Herald buffs (although for pure QoL purposes, it could be nice to have the reduced reservation while leveling prior to obtaining The Coming Calamity).

Ran a version of this as a league-starter, getting Mastermind of Discord from Cruel Lab and running two four-linked Heralds (& I could even squeeze in an unlinked Herald of Ash), which let me run Inpulsa's Broken Heart instead of The Coming Calamity. Great for farming &c, and incredibly fun/visually satisfying. Used Lightning Tendrils CwC Glacial Cascade, but open to experimenting with other single-target options as I wasn't having much luck with map bosses over T7, and once I'd farmed up a Shavs I swapped to a Blight/ED Occultist. Wouldn't mind revisiting this once I've built up an autobomber-friendly map pool and trying out the new Stormfire unique Opal ring / fiddling with the gems a little. Good call on swapping Elemental Proliferation in, Omni.
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this is fun build not a boss killer at all. But fun to see whole screen frozen and explode.:)
did couple of changes in gem setting. I got Doryani and Shield. Using fortify and sheild charge.
Also for elemental overload i have CWDT -> Ice Spear-> Enfeeble curse.

for HOI am using shaper item (self found) and added curse on hit for elemental weakness. i know we dont do dual curse. But works i guess. Probably i can have life leech or added cold dmg. Havent tested it.

And cremation is good single target. Lol jus spam n run in circle :P..

just an update i remove curse, life leech works great. Also for cremation i added culling strike, works like charm! even though resist n life is less, it works gr8.
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