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What about the Abyss Supporter pack? :(
Thank you for an awesome game and hopefully those client crash fixes of unable to create index buffers can be solved so i can start playing abyss. I have 7k maps i need those map stash tabs but can't play due to crashes :(
DrNappa wrote:
When can we expect Abyss Supporter Packs? This week?

Bex has said probably early next week, but they might be finished before then.
Spell Echo and Multistrike no longer repeatedly casts or attacks for certain minions. We have a fix for this already but it requires further testing. It will be deployed relatively soon.

Hopefully by relatively soon you guys mean tomorrow 15th December. It'd be a real disappointment to wake up again knowing that my poor Spectres can't echo yet.
Yes, I agree, more blooper videos please! And awesome job on the expansion. Can we expect the abyss jewels to be buffed a little more for the non physical damage casters, as currently they're getting kinda left behind the rest of the pack in terms of power with the jewels.
A skeleton crew of developers? Spoopy .. abyss makes more sense now though
Awesome, bugfixes are always welcome!
By the way, will there be build of the week again? I'm preeeeetty sure that the recently released (and maybe even potential upcoming?) uniques will lead to the creation of quite a few equally unique builds.
I make dumb builds, therefore I am.

This forum is a worse place without Charan.
Come on GGG! The wait for the abyss supporter pack is killin me! Waiting for it before I upgrade my war for the atlas supporter pack
"Using Body Swap with Spell Totem currently doesn't work for targeting Kitava."

I experienced that today and I guess I'll have to transition into that build after Kitava. Thanks for working on that though.
You didn't even mention the sound bug a lot of people are experiencing?

I mean, seriously... You do realize that it's a rather major bug when a lot of people are constantly in danger of losing valuable loot and have to be in a state of never-ending paranoia, backtracking and double-checking every corner of the map?

It's weird enough that the bug is not on the known list and that there's not a single dev reply in the bug report thread yet; but seeing no mention in this post too is just unbelievable.

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