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can you please prioritize improving stability of the game and servers? its been seriously buggy after the last update

Edit: the wiki is also broken for skill gems
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when you add Polish language? :(
yeah dudes
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Cast on Melee Kill is not working at all.

Detonate Mines (spell) is not working with spell totems (and the gem does not say 'self cast').
Chesch. Merry Christmas to everyone :D
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I'm so glad that I've stopped playing Diablo 3 and start playing PoE. GGG really cares about their game.
Thank you.
will points i buy today be able to upgrade to abyss supporter packs? the only reason im not buying things yet is cause im not sure if i can do the upgrade. Otherwise dont mind waiting a bit for yall to do good work
Why isn't a manual dc timeout top priority?

A checkbox in the settings that when checked lets you enter a number(ms) next to it.
When the server has not received an answer from your client in that time your character will be disconnected.

Example: Player manually enters 1000ms and starts playing at 40ms just fine. Suddenly his internet connection cuts out and the server waits until the last answer from the client is 1000ms back. If so the server disconnects him, potentially preventing an unfair death.
LaplaceNoMa wrote:
You didn't even mention the sound bug a lot of people are experiencing?

I mean, seriously... You do realize that it's a rather major bug when a lot of people are constantly in danger of losing valuable loot and have to be in a state of never-ending paranoia, backtracking and double-checking every corner of the map?

It's weird enough that the bug is not on the known list and that there's not a single dev reply in the bug report thread yet; but seeing no mention in this post too is just unbelievable.


Ye pretty intesting that no mention about it.

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