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As a casual player i have a lot of pleasure in this game.

Last update is so much fun.

Amazing job. Keep going !
Sheriff_K wrote:
MARCH??! Fuck..

I thought 3.2 would be in like a week or something (along with Abyss Supporter Packs and Chaos/Order MTX).. Was planning to hold off theory-crafting a 2nd build for Abyss, to make use of the Abyss Jewels, until after 3.2 what with the reworks coming for Elementalist/Scion.. But if we won't be getting them until AFTER Abyss... What's the point? -_-

So 3.1 launched A WEEK AGO and you are disappointed that the next major update is not coming A FREAKIN' WEEK LATER?!
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sudo apt-get remove PoE.3.x_crapware
A monster can spawn with Inner Treasure but won't drop a unique.

that was a sad discovery I found out first hand
Are you also working on fixing the memory leaks and general performance problems?
Can you work on a solution to RMT spam in global? Whatever is being done, if anything, it is not enough. If you guys found a solution for the map tab then surely you're creative enough to keep these fools from endlessly spamming the faces of people who do not want to see it. At this point its harassment and that is all it is. I can barely stand to be in a global channel anymore because of it.
you schould fix the content you already relased with all the bugs map drops are nerft to the ground or just bugged and cant drop its so bad that you need to buy all the maps you wana run
Could you guys work on removing the Help Panel Popup?? It's bad and should be able to toggle off.

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