It's been almost a week since we launched War for the Atlas and the Abyss League and we've really enjoyed following the community discussion about this update. We wanted to make a post that outlines where Path of Exile is at right now and what to expect in the immediate future in terms of updates.

The initial War for the Atlas expansion went really well barring a few small hiccups that we worked to resolve as quickly as possible. The team is now focusing on improving other aspects of the expansion where possible.

As we lead up to the holiday season many of the developers will be taking leave to spend time with their families and enjoy the New Zealand summer. We will still, however, be maintaining a skeleton crew of developers to tend to things over this time before launching into full development of our March 3.2.0 update.

We have several small updates coming soon including things that we've announced in the past like the visual improvements for the Abyss cracks and the Abyss Supporter Packs. Among these more significant updates we have a list of known issues that we'll be working through that we've outlined below.

We know that many Xbox One users are eager to know when War for the Atlas and the Abyss League will be available to play. We've included a more thorough update of what to expect regarding this timeline here as well as some answers to frequently asked questions here.

In the meantime here is the list of issues we're currently working through. This list only includes the highlights and isn't exhaustive in terms of known bugs or issues.

  • Spell Echo and Multistrike no longer repeatedly casts or attacks for certain minions. We have a fix for this already but it requires further testing. It will be deployed relatively soon.
  • The Amanamu encounter has an error where sometimes the boss will perform no actions. There are some fixes that were introduced recently but there are likely to be more coming.
  • Strongboxes that revive slain Abyss monsters causes these monsters to be invulnerable.
  • Currently when you mouse-click the Flask UI to consume a charge the timer is prevented from displaying.
  • Heretic's Veil is incorrectly displaying "reduced effect of Socketed Jewels".
  • The debuff icon can overlap with the Rampage kill counter.
  • The Zana mission to kill Corrupted Bosses in Pen Map is not able to be completed.
  • Linking mystery boxes in chat does not display the mystery box correctly.
  • Blood Offering is able to be used in conjunction with other Offering skills.
  • The 'Echoes of Witchcraft' prophecy is unable to be completed in the Western Forest in Act 6.
  • The Darkshrine effect to make Izaro drop an additional unique item does not work.
  • The location of the 'Abandon Mission' button on Vagan is in the wrong location on the menu.
  • "Projectiles gain 18% of Non-Chaos Damage as extra Chaos Damage per Chain" doesn't work correctly if you only have 1 chain.
  • The hitbox size of the entrance to Abyssal Depths is too large.
  • A monster can spawn with Inner Treasure but won't drop a unique.
  • The Eradicator can sometimes become invisible making the fight impossible to complete.
  • Re-entering Spires of Delusion sometimes causes the game to crash.
  • Various issues with The Poet's Pen are being investigated.
  • Detonate Mines sometimes fails to detonate if you try to detonate it while running.
  • It is possible to have "Socketed Gems are Supported by Level 38 Poison". This is an issue with the display only.
  • Fixing Volley with Magma Orb projectiles so they continue to go parallel after they bounce.
  • We are working on fixing various causes of client crash.
  • Using Body Swap with Spell Totem currently doesn't work for targeting Kitava.
  • Optional Quests (for example, A Dirty Job) are sometimes displayed in the quest tracker while in Maps.

Thank you so much for your continued passion and enthusiasm for Path of Exile! We hope that you enjoy the coming holiday season.
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Y’know, I’ve probably said this before and I might say it again - but thank you, sincerely, for posting as frequently as you do. I’ve really gotten used to having something new to read daily, and I don’t know of another dev studio which posts an announcement literally every day.

I say this because I caught myself waiting for the day’s thread, and was suddenly struck by the absurdity of that expectation. Bex, Natalia, Eben, anyone else involved - thank you. :)

More blooper videos please. ♥
I was removed from GGG’s Valued Poster program for… criticising them on the forum.

“Please understand that imposing strong negative views regarding our team on to other players when you are representing our most helpful forum posters is not appropriate.” — GGG 2022
Great work :D
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
Omfg front page!

btw is this bug reported? the labatory mobs in the middle can bug out they will be invisible and invulnerable and it can stop the portal to the boss from appearing but they still deal damage
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When can we expect Abyss Supporter Packs? This week?
Love POE , keep it going
Cool Stuff Boi

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