Hot fix for Map Stash Tab

Qarl wrote:
We have deployed a hotfix for crashes that were occurring with the Map Stash Tab.

These crashes weren't happening for many people, but if you had them in a league you would not be able to open your Stash, or interact with anything that might interact with the Stash (such as NPCs who could sell items).

When this fix is deployed you may still crash, but when you restart your client and update you should no longer have the problem.


I don't know if there is another thread for this or not, or even if it's the right place to post this, but here it is...

I bought the map stash tab when I was playing in Solo Self Found in the Abyss League and after I moved the characters to normal league and emptied the "(Remove-only)" tabs, the map tab remained there after logout and it's still there now after 1-2 weeks.

The behavior is like this:
- I was able to take all the maps from the tab without any problem;
- I can now change the tab's "Map Series" from "War for the Atlas" to any other map set, this is also ok, since without any maps I can switch the series;
- I can not add new maps to the tab since the tab is remove only, ok as well. :)
- The issue is that it does not disappear.
It's not a huge inconvenience :D, but I just wanted to point it out (maybe it's only on my account or many others) so it does not raise unexpected regression bugs in the future.

Awesome game btw! Having a lot of fun in it. :D

With respect,
The Strategic Lion

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