Hot fix for Map Stash Tab

JKlupper wrote:
NICE PATCH!Made me delete content.GGPK then it alocated space for the whole 9 giga then proceded to basically reinstall the game only that it didn t replace anything it just made another copy inthe same freaking after I reinstalled 5 hours took another 5 hours to delete everything and reinstall again????NICE NICE NICE 10 hours gone all the setings gone after it was an absolute pain in the ass adjusting everything every patch now i start from 0.I m not even gonna start ty for taking money im done.Took a whole hour just to delete checking resources 30 mins or more allocating space hours wtf is this crap???Nice shader cache folder 173337 items...

I would suggest to use the native client and not Steam client which is well known for having extremely long patching times (because of the file handling).

If you want a refund because the tab is not working as expected, I am sure you can contact support directly for that.

btw, the shader cache folder is just a cache folder. It doesn't matter if there are 20 or 100.000 files in there, those are just laying around (and not even really wasting a lot of space for nowadays standards), it will not slow down your system (it actually improves loading times for PoE I would guess).
Now the tab just needs fixing for when you make a section (the various map tiers) of it public.

I've tried this a few times and every time it's crashed the game.

Done with trying to do that (for now) and back to putting my maps I wanna sell, in regular tabs.
everytime you add new patch i have to download whole ggpk shit (10gb +) cause ti always gets corrupted...
Great job as always GGGs
That new map stash is awesome! Not the only thing left is give us that hotkey for the tp scrool, pretty pliz GGG? :-)
dracusxx wrote:
and about guild stash tab ? 3 days and my guild dont get it yet

I have this issue as well, still haven't received a response from, and it's been 24 hours.
Thanks for fixing this so quickly. Now I can buy gems from a vendor w/o crashing.
It's a bit strange but despite not experiencing any bugs so far in my playing experience, I kinda want to now. Just for the feeling of being able to report it.

Love how fast GGG works on these ^^
Need Search Function in Map Stash Tab!
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