Hot fix for Map Stash Tab

the creating a new hideout worked for me
update also broke mine... can access stash in town but not hideout. Crashes everytime.
Also Crashing after the update
update also broke mine... can access stash in town but not hideout. Crashes everytime.

Creating a new hideout will fix this.

Note: This will cause the hideout to go back to its default, so you will have to place all your decorations again.
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There is no need to create a new hideout. If your map device already had a map instance created, you'll have to allow it to timeout so you won't freeze anymore the next time you go to your hideout.
The tab does not work. From the inventory, I can not put one map's.

Edit:Everything solved the problem.
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methodrik wrote:
This stupid hotfix actually BROKE my stash tab. It was working fine before, crash every time I try to open it now.

Basically don't have access to ANY of my maps.

Some hotfix.

Same issue here, if I try to view the Map stash tab the game semi-locks up. It doesn't actually freeze the program but I can't move my character anymore and most animations on the screen stop moving. Though some still move like Zana's red flower petals. I have to close and relaunch the game, 100% able to reproduce it just by viewing the tab.
NICE PATCH!Made me delete content.GGPK then it alocated space for the whole 9 giga then proceded to basically reinstall the game only that it didn t replace anything it just made another copy inthe same freaking after I reinstalled 5 hours took another 5 hours to delete everything and reinstall again????NICE NICE NICE 10 hours gone all the setings gone after it was an absolute pain in the ass adjusting everything every patch now i start from 0.I m not even gonna start ty for taking money im done.Took a whole hour just to delete checking resources 30 mins or more allocating space hours wtf is this crap???Nice shader cache folder 173337 items...
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everything was working for me before the hotfix. but after it all actions involving navali and hideout workbenches freezed my game
The solution to this was speaking with the same master with which i had my hideout and ask to create a new one (the same type) claim it, this will create the exact hideout with the same decoration, masters, workbenches distribution and fix the crashes.

Did Labyrinth dark shrine "Izaro will drop additional unique item on death" were fixed at last?

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