Hot fix for Map Stash Tab

corrupt content.ggpk /sigh not how I wanted to spend my time redownloading the game -- oh well loving elder/shaper
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sofiaescort wrote:
Raekkon wrote:
Got the fix through steam, now I don't crash but every map I had in the tab is gone, I cannot put new maps into the tab, and there are like 15 copies of the tab that are blank and undeletable.

Same here.

What the hell, the new stash tab has now deleted all my maps.

WTF GGG !!!!
This stupid hotfix actually BROKE my stash tab. It was working fine before, crash every time I try to open it now.

Basically don't have access to ANY of my maps.

Some hotfix.
Hey, it also broke my prophecies - can't load news ones or anything now. Same crash.
Yeah same, crash on going into my map, crash on trying to open map tab, crash on anything basically lol, wish I hadn't have restarted xD

Edit: Also crash on attempting to do anything with Navali. No idea what's going on but my games basically broke now nice.
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Bug still persisting, as soon as i try to open map stash tab in HO (Coastal Hideout) game freezes. Reaching into map stash tab in city (act 3) sometimes works, sometimes not.
Steam forces me to redownload the whole game after last hot fix ?
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So you fixed that problem, but can you please fix the bug where when setting Guild Stash permissions the game returns 'Bad Allocation' and/or 'String Too Long' errors and then crashes the game?

Here is a video of the issue here: (be sure to watch until the end. The game crashes).

Thank you.
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Hotfix broke my tab, too. If I click the map tab, it pretty much disables my ability to interact with anything at all.

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