Introducing the new Map Stash Tab!

Now that I have said awesome map tab, I would really appreciate actually getting maps so I can put them in the new map stash tab. running tier 4 as a lvl 88 is kinda painful.
am i wrong or do i need to buy 4 different map stash tabs since if you put maps from one league you wont be able to put maps from other leagues since you cannot change it after youve put items in it? so on my standard i need 4 different map tabs for each league i played in and got maps otherwise i have to use this new thingy only for my current league... or wtf didnt i get ?
I like and bought but when I decided to put in the work to organize all maps (even from remove only tabs in standard league) I found older maps can't be put in the map tab?

Not even the uniques that are similar to the ones in the current league.

Why is this and is this going to change? (none of these are allowed in the tab and I have at least 5 tabs full of them...)

AS I hope the search function will become available for the map tab too because finding a map now sucks really hard. You have to look up what level a map is before one can find it now as opposed to having the maps in a quad-tab and just search 3 letters

EDIT: Found that by changing (rightclick tab) the setting for the tab one could put it the different maps but only one league at a time. So for each league another tab would be needed> That seems.. crazy?
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150 to muchhhhh

discounted Map Stash Tab this weekend? here's hoping...
I should have read the comments first, because I must admit that I'm severely disappointed by the lack of global search, which render this thing worst than default stash.

Kind of sad about the lack of support for map fragments and offering of the goddess too, but I can understand that the stash limitation is part of GGG business model. So I'm good with it.

But the lack of search, that's just wrong and I can't find an ETA for a fix :(
Will the Map tab receive a search function in the next patches? It's not a must to be global, but it would be really useful if you can search within it.
I was very excited by the discount that I've been waiting for a month. However I've read a lot of comments, and finally I think I will wait for an update. Many not all, but at list for some of the improvements below :
- Search function including a search for affixes (for example, search for all maps with twin bosses) and number of affixes (for example : "affixes:8")
- Ability to store legacy maps and current maps in the same tab (i.e. no need to buy multiple tabs)
- Store map fragments (but I've read that a specific tab may come for this in the future)
- Setting prices correctly for newly added maps. I also must be sure that this new tab is
- Fix the roman numbers (wtf?) as they don't appear anywhere else in the game unless I'm mistaken.
- Colorize the map tier buttons (white, yellow, red, golden) to fit the category of stored maps.
- Incrementally upgrade maps to the next tier (just like the essence tab)
- Some interaction between this tab and the atlas : for example, a button in the atlas to highlight the maps that we have in the tab.
Please make it searchable. currently it's not and while the tab is amazing it would be even greater if it can filter a map
Map tab to Xbox...?

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